Murdered: Soul Suspect

  • Unique mystery and gameplay premise as you seek to solve your own murder
  • Collectibles reward from your explorations create a sense of achievement and world building
  • Highly linear design that lacks difficulty as you move between the set locations which can quickly become a walking simulator experience

Solve the mystery of your own murder in Murdered: Soul Suspect, a unique and ghostly experience that lets you piece together the clues of your own demise one by one. With its unique premise Murdered: Soul Suspect stands out in the story and thematic video game genre and is available across Windows, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.


Set in the town of Salem, Massachusetts the game centres around the Bell Killer, a relentless serial murderer who just claimed his lasted victim that just so happens to be the player character. Stepping into the ghostly shoes of detective Ronan O’Connor players attempt to put the pieces of the puzzle together surrounding their own demise and hopefully save others from the same fate. Solving the crimes of the Bell Killer will also allow players to pass onto the afterlife where their wife Julia awaits them which serves as an equally important reason to chase your objective.

While you were able to track down the killer while alive your fight with them did not end well and provides players with the unfinished business necessary to return. Joined by another ghost of a child known as Abigail players retrace steps from the point of their death which leads them to track down a medium who was nearby to help your quest. Following the killer through a number of subsequent kills players will ultimately reach the second face off with the killer that they’ve been waiting for while also learning more about the victims and your own life story along the way.


Gameplay in Murdered: Soul Suspect is a third person affair in as players explore the town of Salem in various established level locations that each have their own objective and some freedom to explore within the level scope. It isn’t a completely open world though with a number of restrictions on your movement which help players to both stay on track and has allowed the developer to create some brilliantly handcrafted environments.

Through what exploration players to have access to they’ll uncover necessary clues which can be linked together to advance the story from one key milestone to the next. In addition to these vital pieces of information the game also included hundreds of collectible items that add smaller pieces of information that help to build the world albeit not critical to your adventure and serve more as an achievement of your detective skills.


Despite the fact that players are already dead there are still threats that you will encounter as you explore in the form of demons. These powerful enemies will easily overcome Ronan directly which is where careful sneaking and use of your available skills comes into play which ensures the game is more than simply walking around each offered location.

Skills such as walking through walls, teleporting and taking over other characters to hear their thoughts and see from their own eyes are just some of the demon avoiding but also investigative focused skills that players can access. Players can also do other ghostly things such as tossing papers around which serves little purpose other than to freak out those around you which is always somehow always satisfying.


  • Solve your own murder with your investigative skills to allow players to move into the afterlife while saving other victims.
  • Explore the beautifully designed city of Salem with handcrafted game locations that each hide clues.
  • Use stealth and your ghostly skills to overcome demons that stalk your story.
  • Piece the clues together one by one as you encounter ghosts and living NPCs with important information.
  • Available on all major platforms across Windows, Xbox and PlayStation.



Review Platform: PC

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