My Free Zoo

  • Plenty of mechanics and variety across animals, attractions, habitats and zoo management
  • Huge list of achievements to guide your progression from single sheep attraction to exotic animal galore
  • Slow progression curve can result in a decent time investment to get a starting zoo foundation
  • Some attractions and animals are restricted only to premium gem currency

My Free Zoo has a similar feel to Upjers other popular tycoon management game My Fantastic Park with your ultimate goal to attract guests for profit to reinvest in your attractions. Focused on animals this free to play game is available across computer and mobile platforms providing a wealth of content that will take hours and hours to create the ultimate zoo.


In My Free Zoo players will be approached by the director Welmington as he begs you to help save the zoo from financial disaster. The zoo hasn’t been making enough money in recent times and no wonder since he only had a pair of sheep in it that is far from an impressive attraction to bring in troves of visitors. This is where players will step in to save the day by slowly creating a zoo with all sorts of rare and exotic animals by building the attractions slowly and investing the profits back into zoo expansion.

Just like other tycoon games to create your ultimate zoo you’ll have to build the necessary enclosures, select your animals, build supporting stalls, hire staff and plant decorations. Each of these decisions needs to be carefully considered though as My Free Zoo isn’t just about placing every animal you can find in an enclosure as each animal has their own variety of stats which must be carefully considered. Considering these requirements is a must from both a profitability and longevity standpoint and creates a sense of a realistic zoo with various moving parts to manage.


Some animals are particularly attractive with children for example while others attract elders, men or women instead which means you’ll need a diverse roster of animals to attract the whole family. Each animal also comes with a rarity rating and breeding chance which allows players to breed animals together in the breeding station with babies always a popular attraction to drive revenue.

As you would expect animals also have particular enclosure requirements to ensure they can have a healthy location to call home from a well being perspective. While starting animals might be comfortable in a variety of different enclosures and can be placed without much investment the rarer animals available to players are more demanding and require special homes to be constructed before you can capitalise from them as attractions.


My Free Zoo isn’t short on animals either with nearly 30 types that range from common sheep and pigs to flamingos and elephants. While your ultimate goal is profitability having at least one if not several of each animal and environment is likely to part of your strategy.  To keep you busy along the way My Free Zoo also has nearly 200 different achievements so there is never any excuse to not know what to build next given they are also intended to drive your progression pathway.

Animal lovers in particular will like what My Free Zoo offers with plenty of animal orientated gameplay with an emphasis on ensuring the correct habitats are utilised.


  • Bring the zoo back from financial ruin by creating animal attractions that attract a diverse market of customers.
  • Build a variety of different enclosures to house your animals from the simple farm animal to exotic.
  • Play for free and in your browser, on mobile or through the downloadable game client (Upjers Home or Steam).
  • Breed animals together in their uniquely designed habitats to create the best attraction of all, baby animals.
  • Nearly 200 achievements to try and complete that can guide your zoo progression from bankrupt to profit.



Review Platform: PC

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