My Horse

  • Fantastic variety in gameplay as you care for your horse with dozens of activities while also including social and photo mechanics
  • Great visuals that bring your horse and activities to life on a mobile device
  • Limited difficulty with relatively simple mini game caring activities and competitions
  • Lack of ongoing content updates has left some portions of the game feeling half finished

My Horse lets you live out your dream of horse ownership by providing gamers the opportunity to care for a realistic horse on their iOS or Android device. Similar to other games in the animal care genre My Horse allows players to undertake a diverse roster of horse activities which include caring, grooming, feeding and in time competing in horse competitions. With this wide list of options and the realistic simulation from the impressive game graphics you’ll find that My Horse helps to bring your own virtual horse from several different available breeds to life across hours of gameplay.


Starting your My Horse adventure players will meet and name their new animal companion that will form the base of your game although new opportunities for other horses will be available as you progress to expand your stable of opportunities. With your horse created players will meet Dan the stableboy who assigns you some basic tasks that will help you generate experience and game currency while introducing you to the core concepts of My Horse gameplay.

These basic tasks provide a range of activities for players and have mini game style designs that require you to tap and drag on your device to achieve the objective. Feeding your horse for example requires you to create a recipe by balancing ingredients to create the ideal meal while grooming your horse by removing the dirt on them with your finger while being careful that you clear all of it. In total there are over two dozen of these mini game like activities that all serve as purpose to your My Horse experience.


Each of these game activities tie closely into the health and happiness of your horse and the in game coin currency which is used to purchase new equipment such as saddles, boots and other horse related items for your collection. With the diverse range of interactive 3D activities there is also something to do with your horse and enough variety that none of them feel like a chore in My Horse.

The real longevity and excitement of My Horse though and the reason you’ll want to complete all these activities is the show jumping where you’ll compete for championships and that sense of achievement as you take your horse to the top of the competition leader boards. Each jumping event also has various entry requirements such as the health and training levels of your horse that constantly has you striving to improve your horse. These contests aren’t just a simple numbers game though and while equipment and training is important players still have to carefully time the tapping of a button on their mobile device to be successful.


During these competitions and other My Horse activities you’ll often be captivated while watching your horse as they trot around, flick their tail and even occasionally neigh just like a realistic horse. My Horse also includes a camera mode that gives you the opportunity to take your own realistic horse photos during these moments with great control over camera angle and zoom for the ideal horse photoshoot.


  • A horse simulation game for your mobile device where you care for and compete your horse.
  • Create your own horse and care for them through various mini game activities to boost their health and your currency.
  • Purchase new equipment and items with your coins or gems to change the visual look and statistics of your horse.
  • Enter into show jumping competitions to prove your horse talents against other players.
  • Visit your friends stables to help support their horse or spend your spare time in photoshoots with your own horse.



Review Platform: iOS

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