My Little Farmies

  • Healthy variety of buildings, crops and animals with highly freeform design that allows your farm to look and feel uniquely designed
  • Brings in some tycoon and strategy management such as careful path design into the core farming simulation genre
  • Takes a while to unlock the real gameplay depth due to the fixed early game progression and slow wait times throughout
  • Some short spurts of lag on various devices which combine with poor UI choices and result in lost notifications

My Little Farmies allows you to create your own virtual farming village across computer and mobile platforms and joins the growing expansion of Upjer titles in the management genre. From placing fields to paths, choosing crops and animals it’s easy to create something to your liking in this farming adventure which offers a wealth of freedom to your farm design.


My Little Farmies draws from an early industrial style era with players focusing on expanding their small village from simple farmland to a thriving community of workers and businesses and onwards into a more industrialised settlement. It’s much more about management and visual customisation of the land you control than many other alternatives that are out there that only give you control over a small number of farm elements and is a welcome sight for those that want to customise beyond simple farmland.

This is most evident in the need to design your community for maximum efficiency which generally involves the careful placement of buildings and your path network. This is vital because you’ll find as you quickly expand from merely harvesting raw resources to refining them every second counts and means more money for you at the end of the day to expand even further. This in itself is a nice touch to the genre which typically sees decorations and extras such as paths not playing a large role in optimisation and adds another layer of strategy that pushes My Little Farmies almost into the tycoon genre.


That being said though your main activities still revolve around cultivating the fields, planting fruit trees, building businesses for various professionals, trading with other players and breeding animals so there is still plenty of room left for farming gameplay at the core. Ultimately though the level of freedom that My Little Farmies allows it’s players to have makes it a clear winner in the farm simulation genre if you want to be able to have more control over your farm layout and visual appearance.

The satisfaction from seeing your little tiny people running around doing their daily chores is definitely there knowing that you were behind the growth of your thriving settlement and any pathing optimisations you’ve made.


If you think you’ve got the management prowess to take your farm from a single mill and small plot of land to the bustling activity of a small village and want something a little more hands on with then all the tools you’ll need are waiting in the My Little Farmies experience.


  • Browser based and also available on mobile device or through the Upjers Home on Windows and Linux.
  • Create a farm and eventually a thriving small community through careful planning and customisation.
  • Breed animals, grow crops, plant trees and raise buildings throughout the land.
  • Turn all your raw materials into produce for better sale and trade.
  • Free to play farming management game with light tycoon style elements.



Review Platform: PC

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