My Love: Make Your Choice!

  • Massive collection of books and chapters to explore that each have their own theme to the varied love story within
  • Impressive visuals that help bring you into the locations of each story
  • Choices have little impact on the direction of the story and are mostly limited to the current situation at hand
  • Some character looks are locked behind premium gem currency

My Love: Make Your Choice! gives the player full control over their own adventures of romance, mystery, comedy and adventure on iOS and Android devices for free. With key story decisions in your hands players will guide the main character and the relations they have with others across the various stories in your preferred path. Each has a focus on the balancing of real life commitments and potentially finding love within the main story characters from teenage to young adult.


These adventures are split across a vast selection of books that each have around a dozen chapters within them that change the theme for your story and the main characters which ensures something for all tastes. From the popular More Than Friends story based in River Heights University that players start with by default and explores your complex relationship with friends, roommates and potential partners as you balance your study and career opportunities and ends with the ultimate choice.

Other popular books (some already with their own sequels) include High School Survival Guide where you are starting high school with your BFFs Adam and Frankie, Festival Summer where your friend Bella abandons you at the Moonlake festival and Fashion Rebels where you have recently joined the largest fashion magazine in New York City known as Magnolia Magazine. Beyond these real life focused adventures players also have a touch of fantasy in Mermaid Undercover where you play a literal mermaid on the path for love on a passing cruise ship.


My Love: Make Your Choice! also includes a range of shorter form content for shorter playtime if players aren’t ready for the next chapter in their current book through a dating stories series that focus solely on dates with specific characters and over 200 chat stories that are focused on text message or social media message interactions instead. These shorter form adventures do lack the visual appeal of the larger books although more than make up for it with the quality writing and unique situations that are explored.

Regardless of your choice of content you’ll find similar mechanics across them with players presented with some stunning still image visuals and on screen text that tells your story. Occasionally characters will also fly into the scene along with camera panning across the still image scene to help build that sense of players being on location. With each tap on your phone the text on screen will transition to reveal a new sentence of the story, introduce an opportunity to customise your character name and visual style or leave players with a decision to make between two distinct choices.


While these choices generally don’t alter the story in a dramatic way they are designed to give players their own sense of story as you choose from options that are funny, serious and even alter your character’s hobbies or visual appearance. These choices are always free to players although some visual appearances are locked behind the premium currency of gems that can be purchased or earned from daily rewards.


  • A vast selection of different books with their own stories, locations and characters to explore for free on iOS and Android devices.
  • Explore shorter form content with single dates with characters or chat stories that explore smaller real life inspired storylines.
  • Find love across realistic locations like university, high school and a fashion magazine or explore fantasy settings like a secret mermaid on a cruise ship.
  • Unlock new character looks with premium game currency or select from the free options as you advance your own story.
  • Regular new releases to expand the story and game content for fresh love focused adventures.



Review Platform: Android

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