My Singing Monsters

  • Unique – Make your own music – Visit the islands of other players
  • Can take a long time to breed the higher level monsters

My Singing Monsters puts a unique spin on the monster breeding genre that ensures it’s like no game you’ve played before. If you really like breeding monsters but are tired of all the generic options that are out there then My Singing Monsters is sure to surprise you.


The game is available on both iOS and Android devices and like most casual games in this genre it centres around players buying and breeding monsters for their collection. My Singing Monsters differs itself though by not just challenging you to collect all the available monsters but also create music within the game by experimenting with different options to create your perfect beat.

Monsters create music when they are placed onto your island and range from simple monsters that keep a beat, hum, play an instrument and many more. With 30 very unique monsters to breed the combinations are endless and allows all sorts of musical tastes to find monster combinations that they enjoy.

This variety also means that there is a lot more freedom in My Singing Monsters compared to other breeding games where you find yourself being drawn to a small group of monsters because they are the strongest.

Every monster on your island will generate coins over time which serves as the main currency you’ll use to buy buildings, cosmetic items and even more monsters. Buildings let players create food for their monsters which is then used to level them up to improve their coin generation and eventually make them capable of breeding (at level 4). If players want to boost coin generation even further then they can spend their time carefully planning their island layout to place monsters near their favourite decorations to give them a healthy boost and reduce the time it takes to reach the higher levels of content.


While making your own music and island is a fun process the game really shines through the social elements that allow players to visit the top rated islands or visit them at random to get new ideas for music compositions.

My Singing Monsters puts a whole new spin on the breeding genre and is definitely worth installing on your device.


  • Make your own music.
  • Free on PS Vita, iOS and Android devices.
  • Huge range of monsters to mix together.
  • Visit islands of other players to listen to their music and get ideas.
  • A new take on the casual breeding genre.



Review Platform: PC

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