My Singing Monsters

  • Unique monster breeding gameplay that allows you to create your own musical tracks by mixing monster sounds
  • Large collection of monsters, islands and game community provides a wealth of content
  • Long wait times for breeding creates a slow ramp up of content as you unlock sufficient islands to breed multiple monsters at once

My Singing Monsters (MSM) puts a unique spin on the monster breeding genre that ensures it’s like no game you’ve played before. From the vast number of different islands to conquer and the musical theme that has players literally completing an island song as their ultimate objective My Singing Monsters ensures a wealth of content beyond the generic monster breeding options available on mobile or other platforms.


Originally releasing for iOS and Android devices MSM has since expanded into a console and Steam game version that feature the same core gameplay. Regardless of your platform of choice you’ll find that your game goals centre around players buying and breeding MSM monsters for their ever growing collection. With over a thousand different monsters to collect when you factor in the dozens of themed islands this is not an adventure for the faint hearted as you master the breeding mechanics and participate in time specific events based on the real world holidays to grow your collection of musical monsters.

This musical element is primarily how My Singing Monsters differs itself from others in the genre with each monster having their own musical sound beat that plays when you are in game. By experimenting with these different sounds players can not only design their own musical scores but seek to find the special combination of monsters that play the island song and allow you to mark one element of that island as complete. This pales in comparison though to the longer term goal of breeding every common, rare, epic and seasonal monsters of that island and for the truly dedicated obtaining the highly rare and prized costumes.


Monsters create music when they are placed onto your island space and range from simple monsters that keep a beat, hum, play an instrument and many more that generally scales alongside the rarity of obtaining them. With unique monsters to breed the combinations are endless and allows all sorts of musical tastes to find monster combinations that they enjoy. Obtaining these My Singing Monsters is an important and enjoyable part of the journey though with a mixture of purchasing basic monsters and then breeding them together to create an egg and opportunity to obtain a new monster in the process.

While avoiding duplicates is important given most breeding sequences can take around 12 hours duplicates are not necessarily all bad as each of these monsters placed on your island will generate coins over time which serves as the main currency you’ll use to buy buildings, cosmetic items, monsters and even new challenging islands.


Buildings let players create food for their monsters which is then used to level them up to improve their coin generation and eventually make them capable of breeding (at level 4). If players want to boost coin generation even further then they can spend their time carefully planning their island layout to place monsters near their favourite decorations to give them a healthy boost and reduce the time it takes to reach the higher levels of content.

While making your own music and island is a fun process the game really shines through the social elements that allow players to visit the top rated islands or visit them at random to get new ideas for music compositions or simply compare against the community.


  • Make your own music by placing special mixtures of monsters from hundreds of options.
  • Free to play mobile, console and computer monster breeding adventure with a large community.
  • Breed monsters together to unlock new common, rare, epic and seasonal unique options with their own creative designs and sounds.
  • Unlock dozens of unique islands with different themes and visual designs as you complete the monster collection of each island.
  • Plan your island layout to optimise food production and monster happiness to generate coins at a faster rate.



Review Platform: PC

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