My Sunny Resort

  • Unique interaction with guests paired with fantastic animations to bring your management to life
  • Freedom to design your own resort and customise individual guest rooms
  • Slow pace to unlock new items due to level gating of most items with some also limited to paying players
  • Some UI elements make building your dream resort frustrating at times

Create your dream resort complete with sun, sand and palm trees in My Sunny Resort, a browser based management game from the Upjers team who are well known for their browser based experiences with a host of titles across genres and settings. My Sunny Resort is also available on Windows, Linux through Upjers Home or through Steam (Windows only).

Taking the popular and successful formula from their other management games such as My Fantastic Park and My Free Zoo Upjers has changed up the setting while also introducing a number of new mechanics that are worth exploring for any fan of the management genre. This time you won’t be creating your dream theme park or zoo though with the game opting for the sunny shores of a hotel on the beach where you’ll serve guests, earn money and ultimately upgrade to the number one holiday destination.


Your mission is to turn the sandy beach into the ultimate vacation resort by providing all the fun tasks and services that a customer wants during a holiday adventure. By ensuring you have the best facilities and staff around you’ll be able to provide that 5 star experience while making a good profit in the process.

Like other management games My Sunny Resort is all about the journey as players take a very modest property to the ultimate resort location. Guiding your growth is the countless number of mini tasks and story quests to give you some added background to your adventure and provide you with powerful rewards as you tick them off to boost your progress. Despite this framework of quests there is still a huge amount of freedom to the overall design of your resort giving My Sunny Resort plenty of variation to individual resort layouts.


Gameplay in My Sunny Resort is quite unique blending simulation, management and active gameplay together. You’ve got elements of The Sims with players able to design each of their guest rooms individually with furniture that you purchase from the available catalogue. Of course higher quality items will improve the rate that you can charge but you’ll need a balance of options to cater to those visitors that have less of a budget as not every guest has limitless pockets.

This is where the more active parts of the game begin to show with players greeting guests on their arrival and assigning them a room to suit their needs. From here you’ll also have to cater to their needs by dragging them to restaurants when they want food and other holiday activities. Once players reach level 8 though this active gameplay element does begin to cease though as you’ll be able to hire a range of helpful staff to help you with your bustling resort and shift your focus to more general management and broader resort strategies.


Other notable features in My Sunny Resort include the seasonal game events to spice up the game and reward players and multiple resort locations allowing you to go beyond the beach with safari and mountain options.

With so much to do and the ability to not only build your resort but also design the individual rooms and actively engage with your guests My Sunny Resort has wide appeal to management game fans, tycoon fanatics and even customisation addicts who enjoy Sims style gameplay.


  • Free to play browser based game (Flash required) otherwise use the Upjers Playground to play on Windows and Linux.
  • Create your dream resort complete with buildings, restaurants, staff and fun activities.
  • Customise every guest room to meet all budgets with individual furniture items that have their own visuals, price and statistics.
  • Interact with your guests to maximise their value while staying at your handcrafted resort.
  • Hire staff to help you maintain your resort and manage guest movements effectively.



Review Platform: PC

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