Mystic Guardians

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  • Social – Free – Impressive game world
  • Lacks depth

Mystic Guardians is a Facebook game that takes a lot of inspiration from the Pokemon titles. The game was developed by DJArts Games.


The game has players battling monsters known as Guardians to collect badges and ultimately become a master trainer. At the start of your adventure you’ll be given one of three starter Guardians to begin your adventure and from there the options are endless as to how you approach the game.

Since the game is available on Facebook you can expect the game to be a highly social experience. Players looking to play Mystic Guardians by themselves can easily avoid these game aspects though and battle through Mystic Guardians solo.

Mystic Guardians also uses the much hated energy system to limit how many activities (battles and searching) you can complete each day (without purchasing extra) but this feature is definitely implemented well and doesn’t take away from the gameplay which is always a hard balance to pull off. Other in game purchases are limited to convenience items and the rarest Guardians but like the energy system is well balanced and not constantly pushed onto the player.


Uniquely Mystic Guardian is more focused on questing than similar Pokemon inspired games and has players accepting quests from a variety of NPCs to move the story forward. These generally involve finding secret, a powerful item or simply raising your Guardians to a certain level to prove your worthiness.

The game is pretty intensive on the visual side so expect some long loading times upon first playing Mystic Guardians which will improve the second time that you load up the game. If you want a casual Pokemon style experience that can also be shared with friends then Mystic Guardians is one of the better options available.


  • Pokemon inspired experience on Facebook.
  • Battle wild monsters and collect badges.
  • Complete various quests to push the story forward.
  • Lots of social features built into the gameplay.
  • Growing number of Guardians to use in your team.



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