Nanosaur 2

  • A classic game – Unique blend of dinosaur and powerful technology
  • iOS/Android ports controls are rough

In Nanosaur 2 players get to fly around the game world as a pterodactyl on a mission to recover the stolen eggs. The game is the sequel to the hit 1998 game and was released in 2004 for Mac and Windows. Nanosaur 2 was eventually ported to iOS and Android devices with added functionality for multiplayer.


Nanosaur 2 continues the story from the original game with the eggs now once again under the control of the Nanosaur race. Unfortunately a group of rogue Nanosaurs have decided they want the eggs for themselves and have run off with them to serve their own purpose (to create a force powerful enough to deal with Earth).

They missed a single egg though which is where the players avatar spawns from and then goes on a mission to reclaim the lost eggs from the rebel group. While the story might seem all a bit confusing if you haven’t played the original (released way back in 1998) it doesn’t really impact the game in a negative way.

Gameplay has players controlling their own Pterodactyl and using a number of different weapons which they acquire throughout the game. Players start with a powerful shriek attack and eventually upgraded to advanced laser, force fields and much more.

The size of the game world is much bigger than the original game with three levels across different environments including a forest, desert and swamp level. Each of these environments presents its own challenges along with an accompanying musical track.


On top of the single player experience players can also take to the skies in multiplayer game modes including battle, race and capture the flag.

If you love games that let you take control of an animal rather than a human then the Nanosaur series is one of the best options around with some very impressive flying mechanics. Nanosaur 2 is just as fun now as it was on release.


  • Control a Pterodactyl.
  • Fly around 3 different levels with their own unique environments.
  • Reclaim the eggs from the rebel group.
  • Includes multiplayer game modes to challenge friends.
  • Originally on Windows/Mac, now with iOS and Android ports.



Review Platform: PC

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