Nekonoke Cat Collector

  • Cute design – Customisation options
  • Limited guidance on the mechanics

Nekonoke Cat Collector mixes cat collecting with idle gameplay to create a fur-ball filled mobile title. The primary mechanic of the game has players collecting fur-balls from the cats they own and reinvesting it back to the game to increase their fur-ball income and unlock more content.


Your end objective in Nekonoke Cat Collector is to collect all the cats (15), diary notes and the available items. This is the largest difference that the game has to other incremental idle games in that it has a clear end point and is possible to reach in a shorter time frame than similar titles.

Players first cat, cutely named Cake will introduce players to the tapping game of Nekonoke. This requires players to either pet the cat on screen (the most recent one you’ve unlocked) in order to generate fur or wait for some to passively fall off the cat. Once collected this fur-ball currency can be spent on upgrading the cats you’ve collected or creating items that boost the amount of fur you’ll generate.


Each cat and item has 100 levels to upgrade through. With each cat level you’ll find them generating more fur automatically and on each pet. Meanwhile items can effect things like idle fur-ball amounts, cost to level up and fur-balls for petting your cats. Balancing your upgrades is the key to maximise your efficiency.

With each item that you create players will unlock a small diary entry which add another piece of content to unlock.Players can also change the background and move their purchased items around the game screen to give you some level of customisation.


  • Cat collecting game that adds incremental gameplay to the core mechanics.
  • Collect cats and items while also upgrading them for various boosts.
  • Pet your cat to boost fur production or rely on the automatic fur instead.
  • Boost your production and unlock unlimited clicking with real money.
  • Free to play for iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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