• Large collection of games and items
  • Games won't entertain an older audience

Neopets is one of the original browser based virtual pet games and has been online since 1999. The game is constantly updated though so it doesn’t feel like an outdated game by any means.


In Neopets you adopt your own Neopet and explore the world of Neopia while playing games and other fun activities. There are many species available in Neopets with some only being available for limited time periods.

After selecting your preferred species you can choose from several basic colours, choose your Neopets stats and give them a unique name. Players can adopt up to 4 Neopets per account which is great if you can’t decide on a single species to call your pet.

Players look after their Neopet by giving it food, toys, books, medicine and even training. The game has no set objective with most players focusing on the vast collection of games or training up their Neopet to fight in the popular Battledome arena.

Games in Neopets cover a wide range of genres including action, adventure, chance, board, strategy and puzzles. As you complete the games on Neopets players are rewarded with Neopoints which can be used to purchase items for their Neopet or Neohome. Players can also make Neopoints by setting up their own shop, playing the mock stock market or participating in contests.


The game world of Neopets is quite large for a browser game and is constantly growing as new unexplored areas of Neopia are uncovered. The areas that players can visit offer great variety with popular locations including Faerieland, Mystery Island, Neopia Central and the Lost Desert.

With everything else going on in Neopets it is easy to forget the various community based features that are also available in the game. This includes an email system known as NeoMail, the Neoboards forum and guilds. All of these systems make it extremely easy to make new friends and stay in contact with them.


  • Great variety of games.
  • Look after your own virtual pet.
  • Battle other Neopets or NPCs in the battledome.
  • Take part in the community features to connect with other players.
  • Always something new to experience.



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