Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

  • Fantastic story and visual designs that bring the world to life as you explore
  • Impressive combat and progression mechanics with a blend of real time and turn based aspects
  • A few too many filler quests and tasks that are important to progressing your power and can't be skipped

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch blends action role playing with monster capturing to offer a great mixture of action and strategy in a single challenging adventure. Originally released on the Nintendo DS in 2010 (Japan only) the game was later brought to an English audience through the PlayStation 3 hardware and in time a remastered version for PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms.


The avatar for your adventure is Oliver who lives in the village of Motorville whose life takes a dramatic turn after being saved from drowning by his mother who then soon after passes away. With Oliver now alone his tears bring to life a doll his mother gave him many years ago that transforms it into a fairy called Drippy. With Drippy introducing the concept of different worlds where everyone has a linked soul mate equivalent Oliver sees an opportunity to not only save another world that is currently under control of an evil wizard named Shadar but also an opportunity to find his mother’s equivalent.

After being transported to this alternative world Oliver adventures around restoring the broken hearts of people who have been impacted by Shadar through his affinity for magic. Ultimately you’ll be tasked with finding four great sages who can help your quest which leads to Oliver meeting other companions and restoring a powerful wand known as the Mornstar. As a result this sees players exploring the magical world that is filled with villages, towns, dungeons and other dangerous locations as they complete various quest tasks to advance.


While this world is fully open from the beginning you’ll need to progress through these quests to unlock the necessary transport modes to traverse the seas and skies. Combat is a common occurrence during this exploration in Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and notably in combat you will control both human and familiars. These familiars are creatures of magic that the players send out into battle and need to be captured before being used. From here players will find a familiar turn based battle structure as you attempt to reduce enemy hit points to zero by using attacks, items or magic which utilises mana of your units. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch still has real time elements in combat though with some freedom through character switching and movement.

Like your human characters these familiars level up and evolve with progression and come with their own specialty that forms part of your broader combat strategy. Central to this is the astral signs of each that come in sun, moon, star and planet variants that each have a type advantage against each other to consider. This astral sign is also pivotal in unlocking the familiar metamorphosis evolutions that will require specific items attuned to them.


At the end of these battle sequences players will return to the overworld but also be rewarded with important experience, items and game currency. Each of these works as one would expect by allowing players to improve the statistics of their characters or familiars directly or through equipment options. Further power is also obtained through the stamp mechanic that ties closely to the tasks you acquire along the way and provide various broader game upgrades.


  • Mixture of JRPG and monster catching mechanics in a single magical game world.
  • Strategic combat that blends real time and turn based mechanics together.
  • Explore a large magical world as Oliver that serves as an alternative world to your original.
  • Progress your characters and familiars through experience and equipment to enhance their powers.
  • Explore the diverse game world by foot, sea and air.



Review Platform: PS3

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