• Strong visuals and audio combine together to create a well paced puzzle challenge
  • Simple core based on physics with varied challenges throughout the game worlds
  • Awkward keyboard controls can make some levels frustrating with no option to rebind them to your own preferences for control

NightSky brings you a puzzle adventure game mixed with some action elements to deliver a well paced game of challenging physics in a dark theme. Combining these core mechanical challenges with a visually intriguing experience and uniquely dark game world NightSky is an attractive 2011 video game experience around a simple core framework.


While there is not a significant story to be found in NightSky it still manages to grip players with the unique atmosphere that will have you wanting to push forward across the worlds. Paired with a fantastic soundtrack of experimental jazz music you’ll find a surreal adventure from screen to screen. In all players will find an adventure that spans 11 different worlds that each feature 13 screens that are each their own puzzle or other game challenge resulting in hundreds of different environments.

NightSky offers a simple but effective gameplay loop that is centred around players rolling their ball around the game environment where is is impacted by the game physics. NightSky doesn’t feature enemies but instead focuses players on exploring the lands they encounter with the difficult from the realistic puzzle physics rather than an enemy challenge. Each of these realistic physics mechanics will require player mastery given they cycle and combine in various ways to create puzzles across your adventure.


Everything in NightSky excluding these puzzles takes place within a 2D game world where players have control over their sphere on the horizontal axis. Despite being a 2D world the physics stay mostly true to real world physics and even feature several vehicles to alter the physics experience slightly to overcome specific puzzle setups.

Primarily requiring the player to platform using the power of acceleration, deceleration and manipulation of gravity from their glowing sphere. NightSky also offers multiple difficulty levels to separate players based on their level of puzzle based gaming experience which impacts on the typology of particular levels that may require alternative strategies to beat a particular level. Beyond this the diligent player will also be able to uncover secrets and other unlockables that are hidden amongst your progression and allow players to unlock alternative spheres that have their own uses and physics.


Overall NightSky is a relaxing experience that slowly ramps up the difficulty over the course of the game to the point where you are a master of the sphere’s physics towards the end of the game. The environments that the game offers are all truly unique and almost provide a dreamlike experience as you advance through different challenges with each new screen providing a fresh challenge.


  • An impressive 2D puzzle experience with a dark game theme.
  • Control a sphere through a number of physics based puzzle environments with multiple difficulty levels which change the layout of game levels.
  • Wonderfully seductive soundtrack that utilises creative jazz tunes.
  • 11 dreamlike game worlds with plenty of level variety to be found across them.
  • Simple and well paced gameplay of physics and platforming as you accelerate and master gravity.



Review Platform: PC

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