No More Room in Hell

  • Free to play game that encourages co-operation through design
  • Interesting infection mechanic that presents a realistic experience amongst other game features
  • Co-operative game nature means the game lives and dies by community quality and is best enjoyed with known friends

No More Room in Hell is a free to play co-operative horror shooter that pairs you with a team of other players to achieve objectives or battle against waves of zombies instead. It’s all about surviving the zombie filled scenarios with your limited resources which move locations with each game requiring collaboration between players.


Your chance of survival in No More Room in Hell is designed to be slim with careful team communication and scavenging improving your chances to something reasonable. With the game set well into the zombie apocalypse you’ll have to walk past the millions of infected and run down locations to achieve your objective.

This is just one of many elements that No More Room in Hell utilises as it seeks to make the game experience as realistic and horrific as possible. This includes things like the limited availability of ammunition, communication that only works within a limited range around player avatars, no crosshairs or HUD and most notably a realistic infection design. This infection mechanic is definitely the most interesting element with bites from zombies potentially leading to infection and eventually death as you would expect although is not an instant effect. Once dead from infection players will also rise as a deadly zombie runner capable of taking out their previous allies.


Runners are one of the most deadly enemies and in addition to being spawned from dead players can spawn randomly around the game world which requires players to stay on their toes while they move through the zombie filled game world. The other main enemy in the game (known as Shamblers) are significantly slower and easier to deal with and can often simply be avoided by the player to conserve vital resources. Shamblers are also easily dealt with through the various melee weapons which when combined with the firearms in the game total over 30 options for players to scavenge from the area.

Gameplay in No More Room in Hell is split between two game modes, one of which is wave defence (survival) while the other is more objective orientated (objective). In survival mode players will defend a National Guard safe zone with predefined areas having to be defended from increasingly potent waves of zombies. Every few waves players will also get supply crates to refill supplies and in general this mode has higher portions of supplies than objective although careful usage must still be applied, any dead teammates or new players will also spawn in during this supply drop timeframe.


The alternative objective mode takes your band of survivors through a series of tasks in order to complete the current map and escape to ultimate survival. While maps are often replayed the objectives, item locations and enemies are randomised for a unique game each time. Most of these objectives are simple in nature and require the player to find items or activating a certain object.


  • Free to play co-operative shooter filled with zombies to battle.
  • Experience both survival and objective mode that present two different modes of play with others.
  • Over 30 weapons that include both melee and firearms to find and utilise.
  • Multiple enemy types with their own natures that require different teamwork and use of resources.
  • Realistic approach to gameplay with limited supplies and no HUD to encourage even further co-operation.



Review Platform: PC

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