• Large game world – Skill options – Immersive
  • Bugs

Oblivion is part of the Elder Scrolls franchise and is the fourth game in the series. The game was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released in 2006 across consoles (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) and computer platforms (Windows).


The game has a Game of the Year Edition (highly recommended) which offers the two expansion packs for the game, adding even more content to this already packed adventure. Oblivion takes place in the fantasy world of Cyrodiil where players take on the role ofa convict about to be put to death. That is until The Emperor decides to keep you alive because you’ve made an appearance in one of his dreams.

Just like the other games in the Elder Scrolls series the stories have links and references to each other but for the most part players can join the franchise without knowing the lore and history of the other games. This keeps the franchise very accessible so don’t get turned off by the fact that it is the fourth game in the series.

Oblivion takes a streamlined approach to gameplay with a huge open world, a decent length main quest, plenty of side quests and a good variety of skills. At the start of the game you’ll pick 7 of the 21 skills to form a major part of your character’s development leaving the others as minor skills. This lets you design a character that doesn’t necessarily adhere to standard class boundaries.


The majority of gameplay in Oblivion will have you exploring the vast open ended game world and learning the history and lore behind the world and the NPCs that populate it. When you aren’t exploring you’ll be engaging in combat to gain experience and equipment to further develop your character.

Oblivion continues the Elder Scrolls series with another impressive addition that is definitely worth of the franchise name.


  • Lots of character customisation with 21 skills.
  • Large and immersive game world.
  • Focus on the main storyline or complete side quests.
  • Game world filled with NPCs to interact with.
  • Accessible to fans of the Elder Scrolls series or newcomers.



Review Platform: PC

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