Odd Bot Out

  • Number and variety of levels which build upon each other
  • Atmosphere offers a blend of industrial and robotic design that is both minimalistic and effective
  • Puzzles aren't overly taxing for puzzle veterans which can make the 100 levels feel more of a grind than puzzle adventure

Odd Bot Out offers players a puzzling mobile journey across a minimalist game world of challenges. Available for both iOS and Android devices players will help the small robot known as Odd after he fails the standardised robot test and needs a helping hand from the player.


Released by Martin Magni who is also the creative mind behind Mekorama players will find a similar stress free and creatively focused gameplay across the 100 levels that require player mastery of blocks, electricity, motors, wheel, circuits and most importantly physics. Designed as a free to play puzzle experience players will find the game is ad supported with the typical opportunities to remove these through in app purchases.

Right from the start you’ll feel attached to your little robot friend odd after guiding him through the basic tutorial and watching him fail the robot test at the end. While Odd might not have a face to show his emotions you’ll definitely feel his robotic heart break as he gets thrown into the recycle heap which is just the start of your puzzle filled journey. While a subtle motivation to help Odd it is a strong one as you create a personal connection early on that only grows with each level you master.


Odd Bot Out splits the game experience into 100 bite sized levels that each require their own mixture of block building, physics and electricity to reach your end objective. Generally this sees players move from left to right on their mobile screen with the occasional upwards movement along the way by using the various devices you encounter. Each level of Odd Bot Out is uniquely designs and does a great job of slowly building on the mechanics you might have encountered in past levels just as any great puzzle game should.

These mechanics range from moving Odd around the game world who can also alter their height slightly when it is required from moving blocks around at will and connecting items together to perform a certain function. While this starts as building things like stairs or platforms you’ll quickly be combining half a dozen wheels and electric cables together for more extravagant creations that have a robotic and industrial feel to their design.


It’s this level of variety in Odd Bot Out and the delightfully minimalist storyline that will keep you completing level after level to help Odd find his place in the robot world that rejected him. While puzzle veterans won’t find that the levels put up too much of a fight and are made up of fairly small objectives the aesthetic of the game more than makes up for this. The result is an Odd Bot Out experience which is minimalist, puzzling and intriguing in which you’re guaranteed to be hooked.


  • A free to play puzzle adventure for iOS and Android devices.
  • Minimalistic game design that builds a simple but unique game world to conquer.
  • 100 levels to for you to master as you lead Odd through a diverse range of puzzles.
  • Combine blocks and items together to achieve your objective with robotic and industrial themes.
  • Great puzzle variety and mechanics that slowly grow with each new level.



Review Platform: iOS

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