Oh My Dollz

  • Item catalogue – House decorating – Career paths
  • Annoying UI at times – Limited English community

Oh My Dollz is one of the many online fashion communities that lets players interact with each other and decorate their own doll like avatar.


Creating a life for your doll is completely in your hands, with Oh My Dollz you have all the tools you need to create a glamorous lifestyle for yourself. This lifestyle is all about the fashion, the decoration and of course the flirting.

There are plenty of options for players to use on their avatar including makeup, a huge inventory of clothes and plenty of stylish haircuts. If you can’t find something in your wardrobe you can simply visit the Oh My Dollz shop to top up on the latest fashions. The Oh My Dollz shop also has all of the items you’ll ever need to decorate your own place and you can pick yourself a nice new pet to follow you around.

The game isn’t all about looking your best and most fashionable though. You’ll also have the opportunity to pursue your own career from a number of options. Success in your career won’t come without the right skill set though which is where players will have to train their avatar to gain talents for their career. Aside from your career players will also earn badges for their achievements or can spend their time in fashion shows to win big prizes to expand their wardrobe selection.


Oh My Dollz isn’t a game that you play by yourself though, there is always someone new to talk with which gives the game a real sense of community. It also gives you other players to show off your designs and fashion style to.

Get online now and experience the huge fashion world that Oh My Dollz has to offer, with an ever expanding item collection and new users signing up everyday there are plenty of new experiences to enjoy.


  • Play Oh My Dollz in your browser for free.
  • Huge collection of items to wear.
  • Even more items to decorate your house with.
  • Pursue your career with training, skills and achievements.
  • Plenty of people to meet and befriend.



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