• Unique setting – Impressive landscapes – Large game world – Brush mechanic
  • Loading times can kill the immersion

Okami is a critically acclaimed Zelda like experience where the player controls a wolf goddess. The game has a very beautiful presentation and feel to its game world that is definitely a unique offering.


Okami was originally released on PlayStation 2 and eventually made its way to the Nintendo Wii with a high definition port making the game available across the range of modern platforms.

The setting for the game draws heavily from Japanese folklore tales. Players will take control of Amaterasu, a wolf-goddess who has to remove the curse that has returned to the land after a century. This evil curse is fronted by the eight headed demon Orochi, which makes for an amazing final boss battle. On the surface it’s easy to write the story off as a standard affair but it’s polished nature and unique setting do make it stand out against other games.

In terms of gameplay Okami delivers an experience very similar to that of the Zelda franchise with a mixture of puzzle, platforming and action battles. The game world is also what you would expect to see in a Zelda game with a linear main storyline but a great amount of depth in side quest content for players to explore. Fans of the Zelda series will also recognise the mixture of overworld and dungeons approach although Okami is a much more seamless experience in this regard.

Combat is a fast paced affair and will have players moving around the battlefield at great speed (which you would expect given the main character). Okami features multiple ways to battle with rewards for fighting allowing you to further customise Amaterasu with weapons, items, tools and healing potions.


The real gem of Okami though is the Celestial Brush which players can access while the game is paused. The brush allows you to paint objects into the game world and can be a helpful tool in combat and puzzles. Players can create a bomb in battle, chop down the environment, create fire, paint new platforms for them to jump on and much more. These Celestial Brush abilities are slowly unlocked through the game allowing strategies to develop and allowing access to previously inaccessible levels.

Okami is a title that Zelda fans simply cannot afford to miss out on.


  • An amazing journey through beautiful landscapes.
  • A very Zelda like experience.
  • Use the Celestial Brush to change the game world.
  • Blend of puzzle, platforming and fast paced action.
  • Remastered for modern platforms with a HD edition.



Review Platform: PC

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Samuel Franklin
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  1. I wanted to get a game that my little sister would like. thinking there was no blood or gore and it kinda cartoonish i decided to get it. but to make sure it was kid appropriate i decided to play it. (2 hours waiting for a game to finish downloading gets you in the mood.) despite a lengthy intro I was really surprised by this game. it’s like twilight princess with wolf Link except your always the wolf and the game mechanics and features are designed around being a “furball” I really like it it is my second day playing it and already i’m 9 hours in. I was totally not expecting this i thought it was like paper mario graphics flaaat. nope wish i had gotten it sooner. I recommend that you buy it or at least watch some let’s plays of it. even not playing it you will enjoy the plot. if not i give your 3 minutes of time spent reading this back. use it wisely.

  2. well this took forever and to me its not worth it if you want a good game go to feral heart, wolf quest, endless forest, Tokyo jungle, or shelter

  3. Okami, PS2, Wii, PS3
    This game is absolutely amazing and you will never find a game like it.

    You explore and discover beautiful worlds and fight demons to take back areas that were once consumed in darkness, your objective changes throughout the game adding exciting plot twists and new bosses.

    It is not gorey but has death. It is perfect for adults and teenagers.

    Many other side objectives to do other than the main story.
    This game as a lot of bosses, demons and various other things to fight
    The story line is long as you explore and discover and interact with a mass variety of characters

    You battle and discover in a woodcut, watercolor style, cel-shaded environment, which looks like an animated Japanese ink-illustration (known as ink wash painting, sumi-e) with other styles of art. The gameplay style is a mix of action, platform, and puzzle gaming genres

    You can harness powers with the Celestial Brush by finding constellations and use it to make the sun rise, bring nightfall or slash your enemies, get to higher points with vines, cut things that are in your way, and much-much more

    It has a amazing plot and a original, spectacular story line.
    It has humor and beautiful game play.
    You can even go fishing
    You can sell things & buy things
    You can get different fighting instruments
    Awesome and Soothing game play music and soundtrack.

    Please look up the game play if you are interested, but even watching it doesn’t give it any justice it is far more fun playing it – it is worth your time if you are looking for a fun, exciting, interactive, and (if your a girl)beautiful game.

    BUY the game. It is very much worth it.
    It is NOTHING (NOTHING!) like Wolf Quest, or Tokyo Jungle, Endless Forest or Shelter
    Okami is nothing like all related games.

    Okami is truly one of a kind and a true masterpiece of a game.


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