• Enhanced version of a classic done in a respectable way while building on the core with new mechanics
  • Huge amount of tycoon content available for a free title
  • Lack of tutorial content can leave players without a clear direction
  • Difficult to control on mobile devices due to UI designs

OpenTTD remakes the popular Transport Tycoon Deluxe title which was released in 1995. Given the time since the original release this community open source project of OpenTTD also takes the opportunity to explore various improvements that push the strategy in this tycoon game to new transport heights. The core experience is designed for Windows, Mac and Linux although some developers have also ported the OpenTTD framework to mobile if preferred.


Started in 2003 the development path of OpenTTD has been a long one of steady progression that was first kicked off by Ludvig Strigeus and continues to this day through the open source community. This development of OpenTTD has allowed the title to introduce host of additional map sizes, new languages, refreshed UI, custom AI and multiplayer.

Combined these features ensure that OpenTTD has a list of benefits to entice any player of the original title or fans of the broader tycoon management genre. Along this development path OpenTTD has also been released on popular video platforms including Steam and GOG with its free price tag.


The gameplay that is on offer in OpenTTD is of course reminiscent of Transport Tycoon Deluxe which the game is based. For those unfamiliar the basic premise revolves around the management of a transportation network with a view to constantly grow to find new sources of profit. From trains to planes, boats and buses it is up to you to connect these within the game map in order to create an efficiency system for transporting goods between industries and towns of the world.

With each successful delivery you’ll earn money in order to enhance your infrastructure (ports, stations, depots and airports), purchase better technology and modify the terrain to meet your growing transport empire needs. The amount of funds that you generate of course varies based on the cargo type, amount and speed of delivery which is particularly important for perishables or people that are time sensitive cargo.


This process on the default setting is intended to spread across the hundred year period of 1950 to 2050 with appropriate transitions in technology along the way which allows you to explore the history of transport and a little bit of the potential future in a single game. With the 100 year setting players have a real sense of building their empire as rapid technology changes can leave struggling players behind if you aren’t planning ahead. While players can alter this timeframe to their tastes although the game is best enjoyed in the standard mode which will take around 20hrs to complete.


  • An open source remake of the 1995 Transport Tycoon Deluxe title with a wealth of new mechanics to explore.
  • Improved UI, AI and strategies make for higher levels of fun and challenge.
  • Expand your transport empire and use new technology over a hundred year period as you beat out your competitors.
  • Large community for ongoing developments and multiplayer content.
  • Play on your computer or mobile devices for free.



Review Platform: PC

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