• Strong community built up over years with consistent concurrent player counts to this day
  • Robust activity, social and level systems give plenty of variety and long term objectives to chase
  • Ageing game interface and flashed based design makes ourWorld less flashy than newer competitors in this online virtual world niche
  • Game is designed for young players but some locations and exclusive games have gambling based mechanics

OurWorld (stylised as ourWorld) is a free to play virtual world where tweens and young teenagers can explore a virtual world, participate in online games and interact with other players in various in game locations while listening to a range of in built game soundtracks.

Developed and maintained by FlowPlay the ourWorld can be played on Windows and Mac through a downloadable client and it is accessible for low spec computers or laptop gaming. ourWorld also conveniently offers the ability to play as a guest (although your progress will not save when opting to play in this mode) which allows you to jump online quickly without having to create an account first.


To begin your ourWorld experience you’ll select from over a dozen base female and male avatars with further customisation available as your first in game task. The usual options are included in ourWorld with the ability to alter your skin colour, head, hair, nose, eyebrows, mouth and eyes alongside a number of sliders to customise your body shape. Players in ourWorld are also not restricted to a single gender and can swap between female and male avatars as they wish.

Further customisation is offered through the in game inventory element of ourWorld where clothing items such as pants, tops, coats, hair styles, accessories and shoes is unlocked through gameplay or purchased from the various in game stores for coins. Gameplay unlocks are primarily earned through the level up system of ourWorld whereby you’ll earn powerful Flow currency to spend on the PrizeWheel, Bubbler or daily gem (premium currency) jackpot.

Alternatively players can jump into one of the 50+ flash games across puzzle, strategy, arcade, matching and action categories where you can earn coin game currency or Flow for ourWorld exclusive games for your participation. ourWorld does a fantastic job of ensuring there is a style of game for all players although the All Games category is intended to pass the time rather than expanding our ourWorld character’s inventory and funds.


This All Games category is similar to what you would find on other flash based gaming websites with a range of puzzle tower defence games, simple adventure titles, racing adventures and everything in between. The selection is generally of solid quality although just like other flash based game repositories there are some duds from time to time that you’ll have to weed out. While some challenges and badges are linked to the game section these are generally not restrictive to where you have to play a single game that you might have no interest in playing.

Chances are though you’ll be spending more of your time in the unique aspect of ourWorld which is the social experience it offers. This social experience is split over 8 game worlds tied to level unlocks with each having their own stores, social hubs and exclusive games.


Each of these locations can support other players although the community generally hangs out in the hub areas where you can walk around the environment, show off your unlocked dance moves, challenge players to a dance off, chat to them directly or form a longer term friendship through the buddy and relationship systems. The social system in ourWorld also goes beyond the basic integrations that most online virtual worlds offer with further depth available through contests, interest groups, item gifting, adoption, marriage, pets and a popularity rating system.

With the wealth of social mechanics its easy to understand why ourWorld despite its ageing visuals and flash based design has managed to maintain a consistent concurrent audience of thousands of players. It’s also in part to the range of long term objectives the game offers such as filling up your album, customising your condo, unlocking all challenges, achieving badges or completing all of the GetUpz outfit collections.


  • Create your own avatar from a range of visual customisation options and layer on your clothing style.
  • Level up to unlock new game areas, stores, ourWorld exclusive games and other features.
  • Designed for tweens and teenagers with the ability to play as a guest account.
  • Huge array of flash based games to play through the ourWorld website across puzzle, strategy, arcade, matching and action genres.
  • Long term objectives such as your album, outfit collections, challenges and badges to show off to other players.



Review Platform: PC

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Written by
Samuel Franklin
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  1. i am awsome

  2. Ourworld is probably the best online virtual game ever.

  3. ourworld is my fav.

  4. i now it will be amazing acount but iam not sure.bad luck of my because my big sister say not make acount on ourworld bytheway stardoll is best acount. so use stardoll.


  5. it is awosme

  6. this game is great!

  7. How can I download it on my phone?????? Plz someone reply and tell me. It will not let me download on app store its not even there when I search. :(

  8. The game itself is not that great, you walk around and buy stuff. But the games they have in the Arcade are fun. That’s basically the only reason I play this game.

  9. It is so cool

  10. It was fun the first 5 minutes the game actually worked. I tried different things to fix the issue but I’m starting to think its their end that causes all the lagging, failure to load things I click, etc.

  11. This website is the best, it helped me find my childhood game.Thank you so much!

  12. Is it me, or has anyone experinced that whoever you heart your heart removes on its own? I had my heart to my best friend and it’s removed 5 times. Anyone else???

  13. Well this game could have anything why play it ? This game is so dangerous !!!

  14. This game is not safe! Why play it there could we wirdos on here??

  15. Dead game


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