Overwatch 2

  • Fantastic unique hero designs in terms of visuals and abilities
  • Various map designs and game modes offer a wealth of core content variety
  • Yet to achieve suitable character balance for all games to be enjoyable

Overwatch 2 shifts the Overwatch franchise into a free to play adventure and shrinks the game matches down to 5v5 affairs compared to the original 2016 shooter. While presented as a new game with its own identity this 2022 version also features plenty of similarities that players will recognise. For those that have been under a rock for the past 6 years and unfamiliar with the formula Overwatch (and now Overwatch 2) serves as Blizzard’s addition to the fast and often frantic first person shooter genre offering a team based objective variant that encourages you to work with your team while utilising the unique strengths of your character to counter your enemies character choices.


In terms of setting Overwatch 2 is set on Earth approximately sixty years into the future after the events of the Omnic Crisis have left scars across the globe following a golden age of humanity was reached. This crisis arose after the creation of advanced AI which was created to aid humanity but eventually created hostile robots to turn against their creators instead with a fairly typical story of AI takeover. In reaction the Overwatch was formed as an international task force to combat the threat and restore order which pulled heroes from across the globe to fight.

In practice this setting impacts gameplay little with Overwatch 2 focused on player vs player combat across a variety of maps that have their own distinct game modes. With assault that featured two control points to fight over, escort that requires you to move a payload from one point of the map the other, a control mode for a single objective focus that must be controlled for set amount of time and a hybrid assault and escort mode the wealth of potential challenges in Overwatch is high. The new push game mode to the sequel also offers players are a tug of war inspired variant that allows teams to shift between offence and defence in a single match rather than only playing one of these roles. While not available at initial launch Overwatch 2 also intends to provide players an abundance of fresh and varied PvE content for those gamers that want a break from the high stress PvP environment but still want to play this colourful shooter.


While the first Overwatch launched with a cast of 21 heroes Overwatch 2 has managed to reach a launch cast of 35 due to both the characters released during the 6 years Overwatch was online and some entirely new ones. While they still fall into the usual archetypes of damage, support and tank some have been reworked significantly to fill entirely new roles in a team composition which can be a good or bad result depending on your favourite heroes. Maps in Overwatch 2 follow a similar theme to heroes with some familiar faces, reworks and entirely new maps providing a blend of adventures.

Like the original though the bulk of variation in each Overwatch 2 match comes down to the heroes you will encounter on both your team or the opposing team with 5v5 hero matches instead of the 6v6 of the original. This lost party slot comes from the tank archetype which leaves the meta to be a 1 tank, 2 damage and 2 support character setup. With familiar archetypes and plenty of new ones you’ll take to the varied battlefields with a highly mobile support, a charging tank or crack shot damage dealer and everything in between. With unique weapons on each hero and associated abilities learning how to play or counter each of them is a long process within Overwatch 2 although players of the original Overwatch have a clear leg up on the compeititon.

Each character also brings their own ultimate to the table which can dramatically turn the tides of the fight and are recharged often enough that you’ll be able to utilise it a few times in a match. Iconic character options include the likes of Roadhog a large Australian with tattoos that has the utility chain hook to leash enemies from their team into his and combines with his channelling self heal that makes him a durable character in any fight. While on the damage side Widowmaker is just one of the long ranged specialists of Overwatch who wields a deadly sniper rifle and pairs it with a grappling hook to reach high locations and has an infrared sight ultimate to track enemies through walls.


After each match Overwatch 2 players will earn experience that contributes to that season battle pass instead of the cosmetic loot boxes of the past although the rewards are similar with additional items such as cosmetic items, skins, voices and currency to spend on similar items.


  • Master the 35 unique heroes on launch that bring their own weapons, abilities and ultimate across new and familiar character faces.
  • Conquer multiple objective and control based game modes across dozens of map designs that have been enhanced from Overwatch to Overwatch 2.
  • Unlock your battle pass with your match experience earned to unlock visual customisation for your favourite characters and even new heroes entirely.
  • High quality free to play character based first person shooter gameplay with a large community of players.
  • Available across Windows, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.



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