Oxygen Not Included

  • Great management elements – Wonderful animation and setting
  • Finite resources gives every game an end

Oxygen Not Included challenges you with space colony simulation across varied procedural generated worlds. With food, warmth and even oxygen as your resources under constant threat you’ll need to guide your colonists to survive.


Every detail of your colony is in the hands of the player and more so than most simulation games. While colonists will listen to your commands as you send them adventuring for resources from the rocks and minerals that surround you players will also be given advanced control over plumbing and power systems to perfectly optimise their settlement.

For those that optimise well you’ll be given better efficiency and make your colonists even safer from perishing. Uniquely power has a number of ways of being generated from your colonists running on hamster like wheels to more traditional sources such as coal or gas.

Further control is provided to players over the psychological elements of their colonists which is important as they can lash out in unique ways should the stress of survival become to much. This psychological management is managed through the likes of of leisure activities, appropriate accommodation and higher quality food.


All of the above are managed through the technology tree of the game with further progression unlocking more optimal and efficient means of surviving. A key part of this progress is also recycling of waste into useful materials which results in automated like systems to keep your space colony thriving. Individual colonists also improve their skills overtime giving them proficiency at certain tasks which they will complete over their less skilled counterparts.

With the randomised levels to conquer issuing orders to your colonists never gets old, despite its current Early Access title the game is extremely playable already and will only gain further depth as time goes on.


  • Manage your own space colony.
  • Balance oxygen, temperature and food.
  • Overcome procedurally generated game worlds.
  • Develop new technology and increase the skills of your colonists.
  • Design advanced systems for waste and power management.



Review Platform: PC

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