Pandemic 2

  • 3 disease types – Watch your disease spread
  • Limited replay value – A game about conquering Madagascar

Starting in 2008 Pandemic 2 explores the very real possibility of a disease outbreak crippling the world economy.


Human confidence is at an all time high in the world of Pandemic 2 after surviving the disease of the original. With shipyards, airports and hospitals all open for business its your job to bring the hospitals to stand still and ride transport across the globe.

Playing as your own disease and starting in a random corner of said globe you’re objective is to infect every single country and bring the human population down. Offering two modes for players to conquer you can choose between a realistic mode and a relaxed mode that alter the difficulty accordingly. Regardless of the mode you’ll also get to choose your class of disease from virus, bacteria and parasite which come with their own advantages before stepping into the game.

Once in the game and presented with the world overview screen players can assess their starting point and plan out their disease evolution. This is the primary method you’ll have to expand your reach with symptoms, resistances and transmission methods all under your control. Maybe you’ll want to spread through the insect or rodent population while maintaining large heat resistance to spread rapidly across your starting location or opt for more kill potential with severe symptoms.


Crossing all the borders can be difficult though in Pandemic 2 (especially Madagascar) as you’ll have to use the transport networks (planes and ships) which you can watch in real time as they move around the map and potentially carrying your deadly disease. Players will need to balance spreading and staying under the radar though as the populations main weapon is cutting off access to their country as the infection rate increases.

The basic nature and design of Pandemic 2 will keep you occupied for a game or two as you relentlessly focus on taking over Madagascar. If you want more depth you’re better off with version 2.5 on the app store for a small price tag.


  • Play in your browser.
  • Command 3 different types of diseases.
  • Use the transport infrastructure to infect the planet.
  • Choose your symptoms, resistances and transmission methods.
  • Infect the world before the vaccine can be finished.



Review Platform: Browser

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