Perfect World

  • Free to play – Character customisation - Visuals
  • Slower levelling than other MMORPGs

Perfect World offers a 3D fantasy MMORPG that original launched on the Asian market and eventually found its way to an international setting in 2008 under the name, Perfect World International.


The game takes heavy inspiration from Chinese mythology with a focus on character customisation, graphics, guilds and huge PvP battles.

Perfect World offers some of the best customisation options in the MMORPG genre. Starting with your champion race, players can select 1 of 5 races that each offer their own unique look, lore and class options. The next customisation level comes from the 10 different classes that are available, all the standard archetypes are there (barbarian, wizard, archer, etc.) but there are a handful of unique class ideas thrown into the mix for gamers who are feeling adventurous.

The final customisation aspect of Perfect World though is where the game really stretches its wings. Players can heavily customise their character’s look to an extent that you would expect from a single player RPG not a free to play MMORPG. Not only are the customisation options varied they are also brilliantly rendered (along with the game world) to add an element of realism and give you your own unique identity.

From a gameplay aspect Perfect World tries to remove the need for grinding by offering ridiculous quest bonuses, making anything else a waste of time as a main method of increasing your level. Going out and slaying an entire family of wolves isn’t going to help you in this MMO, you are actually going to have to help out the NPCs in this fantasy game world.


Perfect World shines even further above other games with massive PvP options and guild battles that will entice fans of PvP combat. Guilds can contain several hundreds of players and even have the ability to control territory for various guild benefits. Fighting over these areas can form a large part of the end game content for most players thanks to the huge 80v80 territory wars that Perfect World offers.

As far as free MMORPGs are concerned Perfect World should definitely be up the top of your list of options.


  • Free to play.
  • Massive 80v80 player battles.
  • Crazy amounts of customisation (visual, race and classes).
  • Beautiful graphics for locations, characters and skills.
  • Regular GM hosted events to keep the game fresh and fun.



Review Platform: PC

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