Pet Shop Story

  • Fantastic pet breeding mechanic that allows you to maximise profits and create mixed breed cats and dogs
  • Healthy number of cats and dogs that are carefully animated to give your pet store a unique vibe
  • Copies the mechanics and styling of other TeamLava games closely without significant alterations or improvements

Pet Shop Story combines cuddly pets with management mechanics and breeding to deliver an enjoyable free to play mobile pet themed game. With the ultimate objective to run the pet shop of your dreams Pet Shop Story offers all the control, customisation and pet breeds you need to make it a reality.

TeamLava have a long track record of developing Story themed games and Pet Shop Story is no exception to the level of quality they’ve created previously with similar core concepts. Chances are if the mechanics of Pet Shop Story appeal to you then you’ve played some of their other mobile titles that let you take control of other business types (such as Restaurant Story, Bakery Story, Farm Story and City Story to name a few).


In Pet Shop Story you’ll start with a blank slate of pet shop store before filling it with appropriate pens to hold animals that you unlock and select. Pet Shop Story offers a wealth of dog and cat breeds alongside hamsters, rabbits, birds, snakes, lizards, turtles and goldfish.

While breeds include like of the Beagle, Terrier, Shepherd, Dalmatian, Chihuahua, Golden Retriever and Shorthair which ensures any dog or cat fan can feature their favourite in their store. With the included breeding mechanic players can also take these base breeds and create designer mixed breeds to fetch a higher price and help their pet shop offer a unique animal to attract business.


The majority of these funds are then reinvested in caring for your animals and expanding the store to stock a wider range of cute animals for purchase which in turn unlocks new quests to supply customers. It’s not as easy as simply buying each animal outright though with the appropriate habitat setup required for players to be able to stock the animal as each has different needs (such as a tank for your goldfish). Further pet shop customisation comes from the decorations although only provide a visual benefit to your store rather than tangible effects.

Players have a reasonable amount of choice in regards to this progress although some of the core story challenges do force players to establish and purchase certain animals which is always in your best interest. You need not play Pet Shop Story in isolation either with the usual social feature offerings that allow you visit other players and provide them with gifts. This can also be a great way to obtain ideas for your own store design.


While Pet Shop Story is not significantly different from other Team Lava creations the pet shop setting more than makes up for the overly familiar mechanics from their other “Story” games.


  • Free to play pet shop game with dogs, cats, rabbits, fish and other animals.
  • Maximise your pet shop income by breeding animals for additional profit.
  • Visit pet shops of other players for gifts and customisation ideas.
  • Developed by TeamLava who produce a number of “Story” mobile games.
  • Business and time management title for iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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