• Fun battles – Lots to do – Great graphics
  • Paid membership or crowns are needed to unlock most of the content

Pirate101 is a popular MMORPG developed for children by KingsIsle Entertainment (the same people behind Wizard101). The game was released in late 2012 and quickly became popular with many Wizard101 fans making the switch for a new adventure.


Pirate101 draws heavily from Wizard101 with gameplay being very similar, although a completely different setting. In Pirate101 players choose from a number of different classes and take to the skies in the ultimate adventure filled with exploration, friends and battles.

Just like in Wizard101 there is a massive game world to explore in Pirate101. The game is split into a number of worlds which are connected through the Stormgates. Players are encouraged to explore each world as they offer a new experience, quests, enemies and loot.

To travel to these worlds players don’t use the seas but the magical Skyways which allow ships to sail through the sky. Don’t get caught up in the beauty of the Skyways though as danger is always right around the corner, thankfully you can use the fast Windlanes when you want to avoid combat all together.

Pirate101 has 5 unique classes that players can choose from before they start their Pirate101 adventure. They all offer their own strengths, weaknesses and personality so there is something for everyone’s preferred playstyle.


Pirate101 combat is turn based making it accessible to players of all ages but it still provides a fun visual experience and enough strategy for older players to also enjoy it. Another important aspect of the Pirate101 combat system is your companion which you can choose and train to become the ultimate ally.

Other fun features in Pirate101 include pets, mounts, parties and even houses which players can decorate. Just like Wizard101 the game uses a membership and crown system to unlock additional content so be prepared to make a purchase to get access to the entire Pirate101 world.


  • 5 different classes to play as.
  • Great to play by yourself or with friends.
  • Companions, pets, mounts and houses to customise.
  • Fun combat that is easy to learn.
  • Visually impressive.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. It’s still a Pay to play right? like the other one Wizard101

  2. A beautifully designed game, it’s like an upgrade of Wizard101.

    Although it’s a pay to play type game, I absolutely love how this was designed, the storyline, the content and all of the things about it. The combat is just, wow! Everything about this game is so unique.

    You need to play this game. It’s awesome.


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