Pixel Gun 3D

  • Large range of weapons and maps – Single and multiplayer options
  • Does have large pay to win components

Combining the pixel and block based world of Minecraft with a fast paced shooter for mobile is Pixel Gun 3D. With a potent survival campaign to play alone and highly populated multiplayer servers this mobile title has plenty of gameplay to offer.


Featuring all the basics mechanics of a shooter players will command a large number of weapons across unique maps as they shoot, jump and reload across the blocky game worlds of Pixel Gun 3D.

Your single player options include the likes of a story mode that takes you through a comic book plot of different locations, enemies and weapons. Alternatively players can try the survival arena which sends out endless waves of enemy combinations to be pushed back.

While these single player options are a great introduction to controlling your character and the other mechanics of Pixel Gun 3D the longevity comes through the multiplayer scene where you can connect with others through local or online connections, add friends, join a clan and more.

These multiplayer matches support up to 10 players with over 30 unique map designs for death match, capture the flag, co-operative survival and team death match. The real fun of Pixel Gun 3D lies within the weapon system though. While you’ve got the usual archetypes of weapons like rocket launchers, energy weapons, machine guns and sniper rifles there are over 100 unique weapons with their own stats and crazy designs.


Not limiting customisation to weapons either players can create a unique avatar and pair it with equipment and accessories that alters your stats slightly to help you achieve a certain playstyle (such as reducing self explosion damage if you love to use deadly rocket launchers).

The large number of downloads and star ratings in the respective app stores speak for themselves, Pixel Gun 3D is a premier mobile shooter that few can match.


  • High quality mobile shooter.
  • Play alone or with friends via online or LAN.
  • Over 30 unique maps that support up to 10 players.
  • Unique equipment, accessories and weapon designs.
  • Play for free on iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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