Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

  • Great theme and design that leverages the PvZ franchise
  • Large range of cards and heroes that make deck optimisation have enough depth for mobile gamers
  • Not immune to freemium grind with non paying players having to work hard to acquire the perfect card collection

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes (PvZ Heroes) brings the popular lore, world and character designs of Plants vs Zombies into the digital collectible card genre. Playing as either Plants or the Zombies you’ll devise your ideal deck of cards and play them on the game field in an effort to counter your enemy in mobile lane based gameplay across iOS and Android devices.


While the fundamental mechanics of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes will be familiar to many who have played a card collecting or lane based game on mobile before the level of quality and utilisation of the PvZ franchise creates a potent title above other genre competitors. PvZ Heroes features a number of familiar faces from past entries in the franchise but equally features new super hero themed characters for players to collect and command. From the pea shooter themed Green Shadow that is a devastating attacker to the Super Brainz who is the smartest zombie around and capable of blocking enemy hero abilities each comes with the comedic design the franchise has long held.

The basic gameplay core see players building a deck of 40 cards which are earned with gameplay and broadly fall into the categories of plants (or zombies) and tricks which can generally buff your cards or deal damage directly instead of summoning a unit. With 40 cards to play with you can employ a range of strategies in an attempt to defeat the opposing team’s hero character and their own unique deck.


Heroes are central to your strategy and serve as your overarching in game avatar that once defeated will end the match. Each of these comes with a signature and other superpowers which are designed to be activated at key moments to turn the tide of battle. These are closely linked to the plant and zombie classes that range from guardian, kabloom, mega grow, smarty, solar, beastly, brainy, crazy, hearty or sneaky that fill familiar video game archetypes for player tastes.

These heroes are then combined with your other deck choices where Plants vs. Zombies Heroes adopts a familiar 5 lane design as the core Plants vs Zombies franchise and also introduces the likes of water and rooftop lanes which restrict the cards you can play on those lanes. Unlike the original game though each lane is generally limited to only a single plant or zombie unless the card has the team up ability, increasing the maximum cards per lane to 2.


Calling the cards into battle requires sun (or brains) and each has their own costs associated along with a health and damage number that general scale closely together. Cards are played in one of the four game phases which happen in order of; Zombies Play, Plants Play and Trick, Zombies Trick and Fight. During this final phase all cards will attack and counter other cards in their lane to determine a victor and  in the case of an empty lane they will instead attack the hero behind the lanes.

Like other games in this card collecting genre the journey to designing your perfect deck is designed to be just as important as the individual matches and game modes you’ll encounter as you min-max your ideal strategy.


  • Plants vs Zombie themed card game where you play as either the Zombies or Plants.
  • Create your own 40 card deck of unique cards full of characters and tricks.
  • Call on nearly a dozen varied heroes with their own superpowers and classes.
  • Battle against AI and other players in 5 lane battles where your strategic decisions are critical to victory.
  • Free for iOS and Android devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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