Pocket Frogs

  • Vast number of frog designs to collect ensures you always have another focus for your collection
  • Great gameplay variety from frog collecting to social mechanics and mini games
  • Little direction or tutorial that requires players to learn through experiment over guidance

Pocket Frogs is a unique mobile collecting title where you’ll be focused on growing your collecting of colourful frogs to become the best frog collector around. With a mix of collecting, breeding and mini games you’ll tap on your phone for hours to complete the longer term goals of collecting them all.


Pocket Frogs gets you started with two frogs, a basic dirt habitat and a handful of coins to begin your frog collection journey. While these are enough to get you started and provide players with a tutorial this is just a small piece of the overall content that Pocket Frogs will challenge you with. With hundreds of levels ahead of you and an endless number of frogs, habitats and supplies available the journey is one that you always have something to work towards. Given the iOS and Android platforms that the game calls home this is designed with some waiting in between these events but enough gameplay on each session.

Pocket Frogs is split into several elements that all blend together seamlessly and give the game plenty of variety as a result. Your main screen though is your habitats where you place the frogs that you have available and watch them hop around the screen. Habitats include a huge range of options from dirt to grass or brick and many others that each provide a different backdrop experience for your frogs. There are literally dozens upon dozens of options that range from simple to abstract with some restrictions between VIP (paid) and non VIP members.


Players can then fill up these habitats with other items as well to create a habitat they enjoying looking at while also increasing the happiness of frogs in turn. Once a new frog lands in your habitat it will be untamed and players will have to visit the pond with their frog before they can unlock extra options of interactions. On this pond screen you’ll instruct your frog to jump between lily pads eating flies, finding presents and running into other frogs that you can then breed with.

After breeding with another frog the egg result will be moved to your hatchery where it will eventually hatch for the cycle to continue once more. After jumping around the pond for a few minutes your frog will be tamed which opens up new options for frogs including the ability to catalogue them, gift them to other players or play games with them to generate coins. These three games include racing frogs, a puzzle game and search game with your success in these games depending somewhat on the maturity and happiness of your frog with important rewards from each.


With over a hundred different frog variations that range from realistic frog patterns to unique ones like the bowtie, star or spiral. Each frog has its own special name, rarity, growth time, breeding combinations and fly requirements to be tamed with players mix and matching dozens of different base colours to get their intended design mixture.


  • Collect and breed frogs as you create hundreds of unique designs from dozens of colour options.
  • Create dream habitats from countless options and watch your frogs collection hop around.
  • Race your frogs and play other games with them to earn game rewards.
  • Trade your collections with friends amongst other social features.
  • Free frog collecting title on Android and iOS.



Review Platform: iOS

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