Pocket Mine

  • Packed with content – Card collecting system – Fair freemium experience
  • Few too many static mine areas

Pocket Mine is a fun and addicting endless digging game where you’ll dig deep into the earth to find treasure and artifacts. With a huge range of features packed into this free mobile experience it’s one that constantly delivers an engaging experience with new content always only a dig away.


The game borrows the formula from popular endless running games but transforms it into a mining experience instead with players digging deep down into the earth that is split into 7 columns. Players can move in all directions to carve out a path for their miner by removing dirt, stone and precious metals that can be sold for cash at the end of each game. Each digging adventure is limited by your pickaxe health which is slowly upgraded with said cash.

While your early games are fairly straight forward and short the game quickly opens up a wealth of extras that give you things to constantly aim for. From upgrading your pickaxe to collecting cards that alter your experience and then upgrading your favourites to make them stronger. These cards ensure that no two games are the same by changing the level of precious ores you’ll encounter, increasing the number of helpful crates or unlock extra utilities such as the powerful diamond touch that turns all your cleared blocks into diamond once activated.

Crates are quite varied and randomly spread across each mine and help the player in various ways such as exploding blocks nearby, filling the mine with explosive gas, letting several grenades loose or giving you extra pickaxe health. Each game can have three cards activated with players able to shuffle their three choices using a small amount of cash. With the ability to lock down individual cards before shuffling players can create some powerful game setups (such as combining diamond touch with extra explosive crates and diamond salesman which gives more cash for diamond collected).


This is barely the surface of Pocket Mine gameplay though with chests, various game types, special weekly levels, card crafting and different characters also built into the game.

Explore the depth that Pocket Mine has to offer and you won’t be disappointed, it’s definitely one of the premier free to play games and doesn’t even have the powerful drawbacks of other titles with a pretty fair energy system at the heart of the game.


  • Dig deeper and deeper to find precious ores and artifacts.
  • Collect, craft and upgrade cards to improve your chance at success.
  • Improve your pickaxe to dig deeper for diamond and emerald.
  • Range of game modes and weekly levels keep the game interesting.
  • Connect with Facebook to compare scores with friends.



Review Platform: iOS

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