Project Highrise

  • Detailed stats – Businesses, homes and offices in one
  • Little too much micro required – Setting is far from exciting

Could you build a functional and stylish skyscraper? The opportunity is now yours with Project Highrise a game all about combining the likes of design and architecture into a single game.


Offering the usual range of tutorials, scenarios and sandbox modes for management fans you’ll have multiple ways to approach Project Highrise gameplay while also ensuring good long term play time. Regardless of mode though you’ll find the core mechanics unchanged which sees you starting with a fairly basic tower and building it into the sky (and underground) in order to maximise efficiency.

The basis of any good skyscraper is of course the resources that allow it to serve its purpose. In Project Highrise this is electricity, phone, cable TV, water and gas which requires careful consideration as you bring them to each floor as required. All of which costs money and needs to be carefully balanced against your income sources such as city contracts.

As the broad range of utilities suggests you’ll not only be crafting workspaces within your high rise tower but also balancing housing projects to give inner city locations for people to call home. Careful planning of course goes a long way in as in most management games with a long term vision at the back of your mind at all times ensuring your success.

Taking actions to reach this position is fairly straight forward with UI contained at the bottom of the screen with players able to use simple click tools to place desired buildings and connect up services. Once an area has been designated as a certain type (office or housing) players can invite certain businesses into that space, with higher paying tenants requiring additional features such as power, telephone, copy services and food within your tower.


Underneath the surface you’ve got much more depth to explore in Project Highrise with a wealth of stats and statistics that impact on the flow of your office space such as sanctification of tenants, traffic, smells, noise, trash, grime, and view which all impact on tenants in different ways and change their impression of your tower, for better or worst.

While the wealth of mechanics are there and offer an insane amount of depth for those that like to dig deep, Project Highrise leans a little too heavy to the micromanagement side of things that can become frustrating in the longer levels.


  • Build high into the sky with your own skyscraper.
  • Offer the necessary services to attract and retain tenants.
  • Build for business, office and living space.
  • Plenty of numbers and stats to interpret.
  • Sandbox and campaign modes.



Review Platform: PC

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