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  • Unique – Postcard feature – Dynamic music
  • Bit pricey for what it offers

Proteus is more of an artistic exploration experience than a game but is still very impressive and enjoyable. In Proteus you will explore a randomly generated game world and simply spend time enjoying your surroundings.


If you enjoy going on exploration adventures in other randomly generated games and get a kick out of the random things and landscapes features that you encounter Proteus will no doubt keep you entertained. Proteus is entirely about exploration and delivers on a level of immersion that is as unexpected as it is beautiful.

You will explore the world in a first person perspective and focus on enjoying the world around you. The landscapes are impressive and the interactions that you have with the wildlife that you will encounter are equally so. A dynamic soundtrack that reacts to queues in your exploration combines with these features seamlessly to only add to the immersion.

Proteus is free from text and interface, instead focusing on providing a relaxing form of gameplay that almost creates a form of meditation. The graphics of Proteus are definitely part of this experience and somehow offer a unique mixture of 2D and 3D while also being very artistic.

Proteus also supports sharing with ease so you don’t have to keep your memorable moments to yourself, you can easily share them with others through the postcard feature.


Beyond what has been discussed here the game of Proteus is hard to describe and even harder to put the experience into words. The game is definitely something that shouldn’t be as enjoyable as it is but somehow it manages to be an amazing experience. The game might not have any goals, enemies or even general objectives but that doesn’t stop it from offering hours of exploration.

If you like exploring randomly generated game worlds and need something different than try what Proteus has to offer.


  • Unique game idea without any direction or goals.
  • Simply take in the world around you.
  • A dynamic music system that changes with the game flow.
  • Postcard feature lets you share your experiences.
  • Just explore and enjoy.



Review Platform: PC

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