• Unique – Hilarious – Different powers – Level variety
  • Short game will leave you wanting more – Almost too many things to collect

Psychonauts is a unique and beautifully presented game that follows the adventures of Raz, a boy who has powerful psychic abilities. The game has gained a cult like following and is available on numerous platforms.


Pyschonauts takes place in a fictional summer camp that acts as a secret training ground for the US government. This training facility is designed to help children with psychic abilities develop their powers and ultimately become Psychonauts (soldiers with psychic abilities).

The camp was made possible by a strange meteor that landed on the camp site centuries ago. The meteor was made of psitanium which enhances powers or creates them. The story of Psychonauts follows players as they uncover a sinister plot involving the psychic gifted, the children at the camp and the government.

Gameplay is very much a platform orientated experience with an emphasis on the story, character development and humour. The summer camp (Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp) is completely open for the player to explore and serves as the overworld for the game where players can purchase items, talk to others and start levels. The levels themselves take place within people’s minds that you’ll encounter during the story.


Each of these levels is completely different and draws on the experiences and memories of the person’s mind that the level is in. Each level also comes with plenty of items to collect including figments of imagination and emotional baggage which increases your power. Players will also have to watch for enemies that try to expel you from the character’s mind. As you complete more and more levels your psychic abilities will develop and open up new gameplay options for combat and puzzle solving.

Psychonauts is an amazing game experience that will draw you in with its unique setting and gameplay while also delivering plenty of laughs with the hilarious and witty dialogue.


  • An amazing and unique adventure.
  • Crazy characters and dialogue will give you plenty of laughs.
  • Enter the minds of others to solve their emotional baggage.
  • Puzzles, platforming and skills to explore
  • On Windows, Mac, PlayStation 2 and Xbox/Xbox 360.



Review Platform: PC

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