Puzzle House: Mystery Rising

  • Myst-like adventure – Outdoor environments – Brain teasing puzzles
  • Lack of guidance isn't for everyone

In terms of seriously difficult puzzle games Puzzle House: Mystery Rising sets the bar at a whole new level with an extremely well made and thought out puzzle adventure that you won’t just be able to breeze through.


Of course the game is perfectly suited to those puzzle veterans among us but it also serves as a great stepping stone for beginners looking to be really tested for the first time. For just a few dollars you’re guaranteed hours of brain bending entertainment on iOS and Android devices.

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising starts out innocently enough with players sitting on their front porch before having a drone crash land right next to you on the table. This is just the start of the 3D mystery that awaits you with a story that slowly unravels one clue at a time to take you deep into the mountains as you tinker with alien technology, discover an eerie obelisk and uncover a secret that is being protected.

The drone also forms an integral part of some puzzles combining with a tablet which is an interesting mechanic used by Puzzle House: Mystery Rising and gives a great unique feel to the whole adventure and something that really sets it apart from similar games.

Gameplay feels like a mixture between Myst and The Room with everything focused around tinkering and experimenting to solve what are some truly perplexing puzzles. While the first few puzzles can be fairly forgiving such as your first task that won’t accept parts in the wrong order the difficultly is not shy in ramping up quickly to a point where it is often more productive to take a few minutes away from the game and refresh your brain cells and revisit the puzzle from a different angle.


Puzzle House: Mystery Rising is also a strong game on the graphics front with a large number of 3D environments that players can pan around for the full experience. With so many of these locations being outdoors combined with great attention to detail it really shows the labour of love that very likely went into the games creation.

For difficult puzzles, nice outdoor environments and interesting mechanics it would be a very wise decision to pick up a copy of Puzzle House: Mystery Rising.


  • Great collection of difficult puzzles.
  • Experience an outdoor adventure with many environments.
  • A mysterious tale and family secret to uncover.
  • Use your drone and tablet to tackle the more unique puzzles on offer.
  • Play on iOS and Android devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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