Radiant Historia

  • Unique time travel mechanic that is integrated into both story and gameplay elements
  • Creative world and combat presentation that have familiar cores while adding some unique twists
  • Lacks the extra flair to take it from great to amazing in a saturated RPG genre

Radiant Historia is a RPG experience for your Nintendo DS and 3DS devices with time travel elements serving as the core story experience. Originally released in 2011 (DS) and in 2018 for the 3DS this RPG adventure sends you deep into an unending war to save the lands as you make your own character and story within RPG framework.


Radiant Historia is set on the continent of Vainqueur in a world that blends realistic and fantasy together like many role playing titles before it. While this continent was once the site of a powerful empire it now lies as a shadow of its former self after the powerful energy of Flux was discovered and ultimately resulted in the destruction of the empire. In the present day the nations of Alistel and Granorg now fight across the continent in a never ending push and pull which draws in the various human and beastribes to the conflict. With Alistel believing that the Granorg have spread the deadly Sand Plague across the land which saps the living energy and mana from people while turning them into sand at the heart of the war.

Your role in this story of war is that of a soldier who takes on the tome of the White Chronicle that allows you traverse different timelines to alter the course of current day events. Not only is this central to your own story and that of the broader continent it’s also a gameplay mechanic that comes to the forefront many times throughout your Radiant Historia adventure.


With this power over the timelines coming early in your adventure from two mysterious children you’ll be making your first initial story decision with your game ending changing based on your decisions and timelines unlocked. Not only does this mechanic change the potential final outcome it will play a role in your party development as you gain access to skills or information that would be unavailable across a single storyline. This is further supported by wide exploration of self contained environments across the world map while solving puzzles that provide all manner of equipment upgrades.

In between these time travel sequences you’ll be spending most of your game time in combat where you’ll find a familiar turn based affair. Combat is initiated in Radiant Historia when players hit an enemy at which point you’ll transition your party to a 3×3 grid based combat screen. Utilising turn based mechanics players will be primarily concerned with managing turn order and enemy position on the grid to maximise your party strength against the enemy. With enemies directly in front of your party often being tanky as they defend ranged attackers players will need to think strategically in most battle encounters.


Uniquely unlike other role playing games with turn based combat systems your turns aren’t taking actions after you lock in your turn with all actions instead being queued to play out at once. As a backup option Radiant Historia also includes an auto combat option that will use basic attacks only to help speed up battles that are well beneath your current party strength level.


  • Unique time travel elements create an interesting adventure and story across a continent plagued with war.
  • Japanese role playing experience for Nintendo DS and 3DS.
  • Choose from one of two key story branches as you explore different timelines to gather information and reset history.
  • Crisp turn based combat where all of your decisions go through the turn order at once.
  • Grid based combat board that focuses on players managing enemy positions and turn orders for maximum success.
  • Plenty of character development through puzzle solving and story across multiple timelines.



Review Platform: DS

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