• Impressive visuals – Strong gameplay – Fun multiplayer
  • World lacks character

Rage is a first person shooter that has many similarities to both Fallout and Borderlands. The game also incorporates a number of driving elements into its gameplay and was released in 2011.


Rage takes place in a post apocalyptic game world after an asteroid strikes the Earth. Players step into the shoes of one of the few survivors under the name of Nicholas Raine and go about exploring the wasteland to recover their memories while staying out of trouble from mutants and the various game factions.

In Rage players will explore a number of towns while following the main quest. There are also plenty of side missions that mostly involve the player helping out the inhabitants of the settlements that they visit on their journey.

Your time in the Rage universe will be spent participating in FPS fire fights and driving to individual quest locations. Weapons can be upgraded to enhance your character along with a large number of different ammunition types to create more destruction, enhance strategy or let you focus on stealth gameplay. Customisation doesn’t stop there though with players also having the ability to deck out their vehicle.


Rage isn’t just a single player experience offering two very different multiplayer game modes for you to enjoy with friends. The first game mode is Road Rage which is a free-for-all arena, designed for players to use vehicles to dispatch each other while collecting rally points placed around the arena. The other multiplayer game mode offers co-op missions that are based within the Rage storyline.

Rage delivers everything that you would expect to see in an FPS game with its strongest features being the visuals and gun play. These features make every fight an enjoyable and intense experience.


  • Post-apocalyptic setting.
  • Co-op game mode.
  • Fight to the death in the vehicle focused multiplayer arena.
  • Impressive visuals.
  • Very satisfying combat with tough AI to back it up.



Review Platform: PC

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