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  • Great community (when you can find them) – Low system requirements
  • Bots dominate servers – Cash shop has hurt the long term economy

In terms of classic MMO games Ragnarok Online ranks the highest amongst MMO fans, with a dedicated following this adventure has continued to be a popular past time for many.


A large factor in the long life of the game was a 2010 overhaul called Renewal that revamped a number of core mechanics. This success led to the development of Ragnarok Online 2 although this was not well received by players.

Set across two large continents there are many different monsters and terrains which are particular impressive when you consider the breadth of content and the games initial release date. Across these continents there are three major kingdoms which are explored through the various plot line episodes.

All of this is brought to life reasonably well considering the outdated 2D hybrid graphics that uses sprites for characters and environment that stands up okay against comparable graphic styles.

Ragnarok Online relies on a job system for classes which launched with only a dozen options but like most long running MMOs this has expanded to dozens of choices. These are still mostly typical archetypes with lots of overlap between your options, allowing you to pick something that truly matches your ideal character. Jobs transform from a typical base job into more advanced ones at particular levels.


These jobs add plenty of depth to the vast PvE and PvP content which has slowly built up over the years. From team dungeons, plenty of PvP battlegrounds and some guild vs guild options.

Fans of more traditional MMO games that are yet to adventure into the continents that Ragnarok Online offers will do themselves a favourite by starting their own adventure.


  • A much loved traditional MMO game.
  • Huge selection of job classes to select form.
  • Solid variety in PvE and PvP options.
  • Passionate community of dedicated fans.
  • Hybrid 2D/3D graphics makes the game accessible to many.



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