Rampage Knights

  • Randomisation and rouge like combination creates a deadly mix of fun and variety ensuring good value for money
  • Strategy changing class structure and loot which challenges you to experiment with what find
  • Clunky movement (and sometimes attacks) can cause frustration when it results in ending a run
  • Some rewards from fights don't match up the risk involved

Rampage Knights opts to mix the action of the side scrolling beat’ em up genre with rouge like elements to create a challenging fast dungeon crawler where exploration and quick thinking are rewarded. Built on the foundation of randomised dungeons Rampage Knights also ensures it provides a wealth of content and variety as each run will play completely different to your last.


Designed to be playable alone and with friends co-operatively players take on the role of hero trapped in a dark magic forest that threatens their life. Directed towards the ruined castle in the distance players encounter all sorts of dark creatures such as goblins, skeletons and strange shadow beasts along their journey who also provide experience and items to increase your chances of survival.

With every attempt offering a new random experience you’ll encounter different layouts, items, enemies, traps, encounters and spells in each game, encouraging plenty of replay (and death depending on how lucky your run is). Like other rouge like titles this will also encourage players to experiment as there is no guarantee that you will get your favourites and likely have to cobble together a build from what you can find.


This level of variety also extends to visual customisation which can be easily changed before each run through the hilariously named Igor’s Travelling Surgery merchant who joins other merchants at your starting hub. This subtle ironic humour style extends throughout your adventure and is a nice addition to the core gameplay earning a chuckle from time to time.

Actual combat in Rampage Knights is just as impressive with fluent slashes, stabs, throws, uppercuts and spells forming the base of your experience. This pairs up with 6 classes that are unlocked as you complete certain achievements and also provides that underlying sense of progression even though you might find yourself dying constantly in the randomised dungeon runs. Classes include the Adventurer, Barbarian, Pirate, Assassin, Warlock and Battle Mage which alters things like starting health, run speed, weapon and ability, which gives off a Rogue Legacy sort of vibe in terms of design.


This class structure really shines in the multiplayer component (online or co-op) where you can cover for each others weaknesses and split loot accordingly. You’ll also be able to venture further with the resurrect mechanic that it activates that has you turning into a useless ghost (capable of dealing 1 damage) while you collect souls of fallen enemies that your alive party members kill and keeps you engaged during your downtime. Given the always on friendly fire you’ll be relying on this more often than not which creates hilarious moments to be shared.

Rampage Knights manages a good balance of content for single player and co-op which few games in the genre achieve and provides both sorts of players with a healthy game experience. While that alone would be reason enough to consider it the rogue like additions, randomisation and sheer hilarious moments elevate it even further.


  • Side scrolling beat’ em up with rouge like and randomisation provides ample replay potential.
  • Customise your character with all sorts of wacky designs and items.
  • Play alone or with up to 4 players in an attempt to conquer the dungeon, although watch out for friendly fire.
  • Use one of the 6 classes with different skills and stats that impacts your strategy.
  • Collect loot, potions and equipment on your journey to reach the end and adjust your strategy to suit your randomised finds.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. it is 2player only not 4!

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