Re: Alistair++

  • Fun setting that explores the theft of a MMO item to create an interesting storyline
  • Focus on three potential partners allows each to offer greater depth and game endings
  • Sometimes slow paced and repetitive as players obtain the necessary money and stats for their target

Re: Alistair++ is a free to play otome game that explores romance and dating with a setting that revolves around video games (in particular MMO games) in a fictional although familiar world. Published by SakeVisual Re: Alistair++ allows players to control a female protagonist as they explore three potential romance pathways with the three unique male bachelors available.


This game adventure plays out like your traditional visual novels and has players taking control of the main character, Merui Lucas. Merui Lucus is a 16 year old girl that loves playing video games and in particular can often be found playing the popular MMORPG of Rivenwell Online in her free time. Following a theft of a rare item in Rivenwell Online by another player known as Alistair Merui vows to find them in the real world to claim their item back. In time players will narrow down the potential suspects to three players at their school and these boys (Derek, Travis, Shiro) naturally form a central role in the story.

Ultimately it is up to players to make the day to day decisions that Merui will face and these decisions will impact on your romantic interests and relationships with the characters in the game. As an active teenager many of these decisions centre around friendships, schoolwork, shopping and other fun teenager activities.


Like most romance based games within this genre Re: Alistair++ features multiple endings which forms the basis of the replay value as players attempt to romance all the potential love candidates and take different pathways through the story structure for ultimately five game endings. Of course each of these potential romances all have their own unique backstory and personality which make your choices a realistic and relatable experience.

From Derek the tall popular basketball player who has distinguishable long blonde hair to Travis the quiet but grumpy computer president and Shiro who serves as the shy classmate and relatively unknown compared to others. Each of these characters has their own interests, quirks and habits that players will need to pay close attention to if they wish to move the relationship forward through stats, items or clothing choices.


While gameplay of Re: Alistair++ is primarily decision tree focused at key story points you’ll still find a range of important day to day decisions that provide access to additional mechanics. This includes the mall where you can purchase useful key items, stat gains that link to each potential romance partner and systems that encourage you to visit favourite character locations to encounter them in a natural way. Players can also work during weekdays and weekends that provides differing amounts of money for you to budget on your weekly activities.


  • Multiple endings to experience (5 in total) as you make different story and activity decisions to reach your goal across different playthroughs.
  • 3 different and unique characters to romance with a basketball player, shy grade focused student and computer expert.
  • Free to play otome game that provides a fantasy school world to explore as you find the culprit of a digital item theft.
  • Manage a range of mechanics including budgets, items and stat boosting to find the ideal combination for your preferred partner.
  • Available on Windows, Mac and Linux.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. Not my favorite otome game, but definitely a fun one. :) It gets repetitive and difficult to play (or more like sit through) around the middle, making me relieved when i reached the ending. I think this is a good otome game for someone trying to kill some time without spending money, but if you’re looking for something more in-depth and grown up, this isn’t for you.

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