Renowned Explorers: International Society

  • Mechanics that interact with each other – Unique treasury hunt gameplay
  • Only value for money if you want multiple runs

Explore the far corners of a procedural generated Earth in Renowned Explorers: International Society a game where you create a crew of 3 experts (from a potential 20) to hunt down the treasures of the world and remove whatever stands in your way.


Renowned Explorers: International Society splits its gameplay into two different game modes; Discovery where you may save your game progress and Adventure mode which removes saving as a mechanic and ends should all your party succumb to death during your adventure. Mechanically though the game modes are generally comparable to each other.

Each game begins with players selecting a captain and then pairing it with two assistants for a total team of three. Each has their own unique attributes and broadly fall into a Scientists, Scout, Fighter and Speaker categories. Designing a team around a particular game style and synergies with each other characters is key to successful completion of your ultimate goal, to become the most famed explorers.

With your team established players set out to a randomised node based map where you’ll move from section to section with random encounters which are limited based on your available supply. Each node can have all manner of outcomes such as stat boosts, extra supplies or combat encounters with success driven heavily by the stats that you party possesses.


Combat encounters are solved in unique ways with players given through routes to resolve them, friendly, devious and aggressive. These routes are all tied to the moods of each map where the skills you use will change this mood, provide buffs and impact on the rewards you receive. All of this interacts in unique ways that provides for an experience unlike other games out there.

The depth of mechanics in Renowned Explorers: International Society make it highly addictive to adventure again and again. Discovering all the intricacies of the game adds just another layer of adventure beyond the treasure hunt.


  • Unique combat system based around mood.
  • Embark on expeditions to find lost treasures.
  • Create your own crew of explorers.
  • Unlock, research, level up and customise a number of mechanics.
  • Enjoy casual discovery mode or the permanent death Adventure mode.



Review Platform: PC

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