Resistance 3

  • Unique and filled with action with is enhanced with your available weapon options
  • Game environments and atmosphere perfectly capture an Earth on the edge of destruction
  • Some story elements and characters aren't fully explored that leaves you with many questions
  • Outdated health pack system in the first person genre

Resistance 3 picks up the story four years after the events of Resistance 2 with a similar dark and science fiction themed adventure that builds on the setting established by the franchise to date. Serving as a final chapter to the Resistance story trilogy there is also a slight shift away from the full on military campaigns of the past title in favour of a post-apocalyptic style that is the most survival and horror orientated yet.


This shift in game structure is primarily driven by the stage of the Resistance storyline that players find themselves in with humanities continuing decline as they slowly lose the fight against the Chimera threat which has left only small pockets of resistance left. Your role is of course within this resistance with players taking control of Corporal Joseph Capelli the last member an elite group of soldiers that has been part of the fight for a number of years already. Attempting to survive in a survivor settlement in Oklahoma players join the adventure soon after being discovered by the Chimera alien threat.

With the Chimera stepping up their campaign against humanity it is a dark time in Resistance 3 with players uncovering a broader plot to wipe the human race from existence entirely. Part of this plan sees a wormhole site in New York City which will render Earth uninhabitable if not stopped. With one of the few humans still alive to prevent this players will rally what resistance they can find to remove the wormhole and in turn deal a blow to the foothold of the Chimera that may even turn the fate of the human race around.


Gameplay is exactly what you would expect from a first person shooter with survival elements with the atmosphere playing a large role in the overall experience of Resistance 3. With a number of dark and moody real world locations that have been abandoned by humanity you really get the sense of a post apocalyptic world during your journey especially given these have been overrun by your enemy. Moving through these locations players will need to balance, stealth, combat and survival inspired scavenging with the groups that you meet along the way.

Followers of the Resistance franchise will recognise the familiar mechanics of the weapon wheel and health system (good old health packs) that have remained much the same this time around. Some weapons will also be familiar to players but there are definitely plenty of new and exciting weapons that will allow you to battle the Chimera in creative ways as you push back their infection goals. This of course joins a familiar roster of weapons like the .44 Magnum, Chimeran Bullseye machine gun and the three round burst carbine Marksman.


New weapons include the Mutator which fires a strange mist that makes enemies explode, causing some splash damage and a shrapnel grenade loaded with nails that helps build that sense of scavenging for whatever effective weapon you can find. Ultimately it’s hard to imagine a better end to the Resistance trilogy with a great final franchise game that checks all the right boxes in the first person shooter genre through high quality environments, an impressive variety of enemies and some truly creative weapon options.


  • A great end to the Resistance trilogy of games with a slight push towards survival in both story and mechanics.
  • Amazing dark and post-apocalyptic setting as you seek to stop a wormhole in New York City.
  • Plenty of fun ways to dispatch your enemies with familiar old and new weapons that are enjoyable to use.
  • Good length campaign with no shortage of variety in story, locations and battles.
  • Weapon wheel and health system return from past games alongside high quality first person shooting.



Review Platform: PS3

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