Resonance of Fate

  • Unique combat system which blends real time and strategic elements with high level of equipment options
  • Changes up the standard fantasy setting with a futuristic and steampunk theme
  • Poor PC console port hurts the playing experience on that platform
  • Game world feels recycled as you progress which hurts the otherwise great setting

Resonance of Fate seeks to capture the attention of fans of the Japanese role playing genre by adding plenty of unique mechanics to the core formula that the genre is known for. With a familiar Earth like setting players are propelled into the future to fight a fantasy mixed steampunk threat across console and PC with a fast paced strategic combat blend. Originally released in 2010 a 4K/HD remake was released for PlayStation 4 and Windows in 2018.


The setting for your adventure is a futuristic Earth that is being crippled by atmospheric pollution and has left the population to create a purification system known as the Basel. While the human population has reduced significantly the survivors are able to build a civilisation around this tower like structure. Central to the Basel is a mechanical core known as the Zenith who provides humans life and immunity to pollution through quartz stones while also dictating their social status and lifespan.

Following the adventures of three characters (Zephyr, Leanne, and Vashyron) who perform mercenary like jobs for those in need you’ll uncover a broader plot to overthrow the Zenith from the ruling class of Cardinals. The first clue to this is a divergence from the predetermined paths that the Zenith has set which is leading to crisis.


In Resonance of Fate players will find that the world map is split into a hexagonal grid and in order to access all of these areas to uncover the plot players will need to find and use energy hexes. Uncovering the plot through exploration, combat and traditional story telling provides the foundation of the diverse adventure that lies ahead.

Playing as three guns for hire players can expect combat to be the most pivotal of these game elements with a pace of play that is both fast and strategic. This is achieved by the blended real time and turn based nature known as the tri-Attack Battle system where during a character turn players can move and perform actions until your action points are consumed. Triggering an attack from one of your three characters begins to fill an attack meter which allows players to tailor the attack strength and time to fill based on their needs.


Powerful hero actions are closely tied to the Bezel system that serve as usable items that players once again generate through major combat actions to create a progressive sense of combat. These Bezels also serve as a safety mechanic to keeping heroes alive which creates a risk and reward decision constantly when engaged in Resonance of Fate combat encounters.

Notably damage in Resonance of Fate is split between scratch damage that accumulates over time from sub-machine gun attacks and direct damage that can only be activated through a pistol or grenade. With direct damage required to finish an opponent this dual damage system serves as an additional strategic layer. The last and potentially most expansive strategic layer in comparison to its peers is the equipment system with high levels of weapon customisation allowing you to tailor each weapon to the character that wields it.


  • A Japanese role playing game originally for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with a 2018 HD edition for PlayStation 4 and Windows.
  • Unique futuristic, fantasy and steampunk setting to explore with three distinct hired guns.
  • Innovative combat blurs the lines between real time and turn based as you balance risk/reward and build up your damage.
  • Find, upgrade and become proficient with a variety of gun options as you hunt for the perfect equipment set.
  • Interesting hex map system makes unlocking new areas a core part of the story.



Review Platform: PS3

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