Rise of Cultures

  • Fantastic visual designs that constantly evolve with each new age players progression towards
  • Strategic PvE campaign that is supported with a diverse set of side activities to ensure there is always a task to do
  • Production queues require drag and drop rather than a single tap which grows tedious at higher civilisation tiers of progress
  • Some of the best side content is locked behind mid game progression that makes for a slow start to your adventure

Based on the real world civilisations of centuries past Rise of Cultures is a city building title for mobile phones and your browser that allows you to develop a thriving settlement with your own strategy. Building from basics where your need for survival trumps all other priorities to a prosperous city state where you have the flexibility to focus on expansion and optimisation instead Rise of Cultures joins the ranks of a diverse free to play genre with a high bar of production value much like other InnoGames creations.


Your Rise of Cultures adventure begins in the Stone Age with fellow caveman Felix who looks after the workers greeting you as the chief of the tribe. Suggesting that the recently discovered location provides the perfect opportunity to develop a new settlement Felix describes the basics of what you can expect from the gaming experience ahead. Broadly this means putting your workers to work as they erect new buildings and upgrade them, which then enhances your ability to gather and produce resources and then search for special exploration sites around your settlement that provide various progression focused rewards.

To start you’ll build a rural farm as your first reliable food source and similar to other city building titles will be placed on a grid like area under your control which after a specified period of time will be completed by one of your worker units. Importantly in order to gather resources from your new farm you’ll need to assign one of your two starting workers to acquire resources which results in Rise of Cultures being a continually drive to boost your worker numbers and keeping them busy to ensure their happiness values stay high for increased production efficiency.


Supporting this longer term objective is the research mechanism of Rise of Cultures where you can spend your hard gathered resources to improve your civilisation as a whole. This research screen is also pivotal to your advanced through the ages which consistent of stone, bronze, Minoan, classical Greece, early Rome, Roman Empire, Byzantine era, age of the Franks, feudal age, Iberian Era and Kingdom of Sicily on launch which take players from 40,000 B.C. up to 1,100 A.D. In order to advance between the ages you’ll need to gather the necessary resources to research all the respective technologies for that age with a few dozen in each era that unlock new buildings or efficiencies.

When advancing you’ll bring each of your buildings into the new age so players don’t need to fully redesign their civilisation although you might want to tweak elements of it to take advantage of new building options that simply weren’t available previously. Worker homes are particularly vital to this loop given they boost your overall worker count while also producing coins that are a commonly used resource in upgrading civilisation components across ages. Helping you advance is your worker leader Felix and other civilisation characters who provides basic task questlines to guide your progress and provide ongoing tutorial like content that provide resources as rewards.


Rise of Cultures is more than just a civilisation builder though with a diverse PvE strategic campaign that starts early on in your progression as you use caveman spears and rock throwers to clear an army of boars from the surrounding area which allows you to expand your area of control and also provides an alternative avenue to resource generation. While using simple fundamentals this combat injects strategy by having different ally and enemy unit types and handing players control of your formations to maximise your potential. In addition you’ll be able to call on some hard hitting cooldown based abilities that if used at the right time can shift your chances. In time players will also unlock the ability to trade, join an alliance of other players, complete treasure hunts and construct world wonders which all combine to ensure there is something new as you advance in Rise of Cultures.


  • Develop your own thriving city as you advance through different ages of history with their own challenges and visual designs.
  • Optimise your building production and happiness to ensure your workers deliver the best value to your civilisation.
  • Fight through a PvE strategic campaign as you use different units and formations to expand your available land.
  • Countless quests and research trees to constantly give you a current objective and clear direction to the next age.
  • Alliances, events, trade, wonders, treasure hunts and more provide additional content to the core adventure.



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