Rise to Ruins

  • 3 game modes – Lots of developed features – Great replay opportunities
  • Limited game documentation to learn mechanics

Rise to Ruins (previously Retro-Pixel Castles) challenges you to survive in a game that blends colony management, god like powers and survival into a single game. With noted inspiration from the likes of Banished and Dwarf Fortress but offering something different at the same time Rise to Ruins has wide audience appeal.


The core experience in Rise to Ruins though is the management of your village which is presented in a pixel like design. This core game (survival mode) is also designed for players to lose constantly due to the every increasing strength of your enemies. Players that can take each loss and use it as a learning experience will thrive on the Rise to Ruins game system while others are likely to become quickly frustrated.

Outside the survival mode which is the intended game experience players also have access to a sandbox mode and peaceful. Peaceful is similar in general design to survival albeit with tuned down enemy spawns and more focus on keeping your villagers optimally happy as opposed to raw survival. Meanwhile sandbox allows you to manipulate the game mechanics in order to test new strategies or test your limits.


With the 3 game modes on offer and the unbeatable design of survival combining with a range of map themes replay value is exceedingly high in Rise to Ruins. The constant amount of new content (as evidenced by being in Early Access for over 3 years) also assists to this end. Don’t be confused by the lengthy Early Access either, the game can be very much considered complete.

If playing god or enjoying endless village management sounds like a title for you Rise to Ruins stands at the top end of the genre especially when you consider the undeveloped assets that are likely to come.


  • 3 available game modes to play.
  • A game designed to never truly be beaten.
  • Combine god powers with village simulation.
  • Build a unique settlement with buildings and villager roles.
  • For Windows, Mac and Linux.



Review Platform: PC

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