• Endless hours of enjoyment – Realistic survival experience – Gather, craft and build
  • Community can make or break your experience, making the game frustrating at times

Rust is a survival game that comes from the same brains that brought you Garry’s Mod. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of games and genres you’ll find plenty of depth to explore while struggling to survive. The game is best described as a mixture of Minecraft and DayZ.


In Rust players will spawn with nothing (other than a rock) and must adventure through the game world to gather food and resources for crafting. This world isn’t free of threats though with other players and animals able to kill the player. If players do die they’ll have to start their adventure from the beginning while the victor will be able to loot their inventory.

Materials come in all shapes and sizes from wood to food to ammunition for guns. While some of these can be harvested from the environment others need to be found in more unique ways. Converting these materials into usable tools isn’t possible right off the bat with players only having access to a limited number of recipes. As you survive longer you’ll be able to find blueprints for some of the more advanced items that can give you a real edge.

Materials can also be used to claim your own piece of land by building your own cottage, house, fort or even castle if you can gather all the required resources. This helps you to create a safe haven from all the threats that the game world throws at you. At the heart of this building mechanic is the door which can only be opened by the player that places it (although they can be destroyed with time by others).


No survival adventure is complete without a friend at your side. This can either be someone you know from real life or someone you’ve teamed up with in your current Rust life. Because the game world isn’t quite as harsh as the one that DayZ has to offer it’s a lot easier to find people willing to work with you or ignore you completely.

Rust is a game that keeps delivering a new experience and you’ll easily get 100s of hours from it (if not thousands). Rust truly is the ultimate survival experience.


  • Combines elements from the likes of DayZ, Minecraft and even S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  • Gather plenty of different resources and craft them into a wide range of items.
  • Battle the elements, animals and other players.
  • One life to create a name for yourself.
  • The ultimate survival experience.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. Sounds like Eve Online but on the ground, i.e. you’ll just be murdered by anyone who’s been in the game a little longer. Who needs that?


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