Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

  • Dual campaign approach allows you to play light and dark roles back to back with key crossover points
  • Fantastic open world with locations having their own designs for distinct regions
  • Impacted by long term bugs that have been left uncorrected
  • Weak graphically even at time of release that requires players to fill in some gaps with imagination

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is the second game in the action RPG series and serves as a prequel to the story as it sends players back over 2,000 years to explore the origins of the fantasy world. Like the original Sacred title this game offers players a diverse game map with plenty of locations to explore with their choice of role playing character. Expanding the base game further an expansion pack (Ice and Blood) adds a further two game regions to conquer, an additional character to experience and a host of new content in terms of enemies, equipment and quests.


When combined Sacred 2 and the respective expansion follow the story of the world Ancaria and the battle of its inhabitants over a powerful form of energy known as T-Energy that is central to magic and life within this fantasy plane of existence. While once exclusive to an ancient race of great power known as Seraphim they shared the knowledge of this power with the High Elves who have since taken over the lands as a dominant race and central to the current storyline conflict.

Now split into two factions of High Elves the clergy and nobility are in a fight over this powerful energy form which has turned it instead into a powerful destructive force that mutates or destroys everything it comes in contact with. Uniquely players can play two sides of this story with the split campaign that allows players to either focus on healing the land or diving deeper into the chaos.


This unique two campaign system kicks off at the start of the game where you’ll choose your light or shadow campaign path that changes your overall objectives and flow of the story. Both campaigns intersect at certain key points so players that play both campaigns will have an additional payoff as they play both destroyer and protector and see the connections between them. In the simplest form this may see players swapping between the defender of a settlement and being the attacker of that same settlement in the alternative campaign.

These events are set across the mostly open world game map which features a wide range of familiar and fantasy environments for exploration on foot or mounted. Each of these is highly unique and vibrant with changes in terrain, NPCs, plants and even climate that are evident across each location. This journey also takes players to the deepest caves where you’ll find traditional dungeon crawling challenges alongside the wealth of side quests plotted around the lands of Ancaria.


Your vessel to explore this land in the base game version is one of the 7 different game classes which mostly fall into standard archetypes but still have some impressive and unique elements for role playing game fans to enjoy. This includes the Seraphim (returning from the original Sacred), Shadow Warrior, High Elf, Dryad, Temple Guardian, Inquisitor and Dragon Mage. While they are gender locked characters two are restricted to specific campaigns as they are the definition of good and evil with additional customisation provides through class specific equipment.


  • Second game in the Sacred series that expands on the history of the fantasy world fuelled by the unique T-Energy.
  • Explore a world 2,000 years in the past with familiar and new locations for fans of the original title.
  • 7 different base game classes with their own skills and playstyle to ensure you have a role for your preferences.
  • Unique two campaign (light and dark) system which overlap at key story points.
  • Large world of uniquely themed locations that hold countless quests and NPC interactions.



Review Platform: PC

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