Saints Row IV

  • Superpowers push the core gameplay into an entirely new direction for the franchise
  • Open world full of personality and content to complete
  • Recycled city gives players a lack of new locations to explore

Saints Row IV pushes the series into new insane heights and is packed full of strange, comedic and simply wacky moments across a familiar open world structure of the past adventures in the franchise. First released in 2013 the game follows the story of the third Saints Row title and has subsequently seen a number of ports from original release platforms.


Your single player story in Saints Row IV is set half a decade after the third game and features the same player created character from your past adventure. With the role of president of the United States players find themselves within the White House as they balance running the country with the threat of an alien invasion right around the corner.

Soon after this alien attack occurs players find themselves surrounded by their old gang the 3rd Street Saints in a computerised simulation of the fictional city known as Steelport. With this simulation setup by the invading alien warlord Zinyak and central to their invasion plans you’ll need to break free to save yourself and the world from the extra-terrestrial threat. Featuring aliens and simulated old rivals you’ll have an open world environment where players can plot their own progression through the story which ultimately ends in a range of endings based on your actions.


Much of the gameplay is strikingly similar to the previous Saints Row games with a huge open world for players to explore in a third person perspective. Within this world you’ll find campaign missions, side tasks and plenty of collectibles for those that like to explore every last game corner. Many of these also parody familiar culture pieces across science fiction and gaming mechanics which allows the game franchise to continue it’s generally humorous design elements. Driving, stealing and customisation are also still staples of the gameplay with customisation being particularly improved to offer an improved number of character creation and change options.

With the move to a simulated world Saints Row IV has also taken the opportunity to push the game into an even higher level of crazy which is most notable in the powers that players purchase as they progress. All of these powers have a superhuman feel to them and will let the player perform some crazy acts with options including super speed, super jump, telekinesis and even a force shield that each have upgrades to improve their potency.


Alongside this character progression your sense of progression is heightened through the liberation of individual city distracts by riding the alien occupation of them through missions. Each of these liberations results in increased player income that is in turn spent on the aforementioned upgrades alongside character equipment. For players that would rather not liberate these cities alone a co-operative game mode provides the ability for players to stop the alien invasion together.


  • A world of insanity awaits as you attempt to save the world from an alien invasion as the president of the United States.
  • Use your superhuman abilities within a computerised simulation of Steelport to liberate city districts.
  • Complete main missions and side missions across Steelport with many cultural references.
  • Spend your acquire money to upgrade your arsenal of weapons and superpowers.
  • Playthrough as your customised hero alone or in a co-operative game environment.



Review Platform: PC

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