Saints Row: The Third

  • Great open world experience that is full of main and side activities
  • Fantastic story full of unique and often wacky main characters that are memorable allies and enemies
  • City sometimes feels dead with certain spots feeling unfinished in comparison to the rest of the world

Saints Row: The Third offers a massive open world and a similar game experience to the Grand Theft Auto series while adding elements of over the top fiction that the series is known for. Originally released for Windows, Nintendo Switch Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 a remastered edition expanded the availability to the next generation of platforms.


With familiar game elements from the past Saints Row series titles players take control of a member within the Third Street Saints in the fictional world of Steelport. This adventure offers a familiarly huge open world environment along with a mixture of action and adventure gameplay that follows your customised gang leaders rise to the top. Long beyond their street gang days of the first Saints Row titles players are now in control of a consumer empire where your original members have reached the status of pop culture icons. Things change when you are stranded in Steelport though without your resources and the overbearing international crime organisation known as the Syndicate having a stranglehold on the city crime scene.

Ultimately your goal in Saints Row: The Third is to take control of the city away from the Syndicate one quest and one street at a time. Along the way you’ll also have regular encounters with S.T.A.G. who have been tasked with taking their own control of Steelport with a violent paramilitary approach. With a large cast of memorable characters across these factions the story is central to the gameplay of Saints Row: The Third  and combines with near endless side activities to flesh out the city landscape.


In order to facilitate this players are free explore the city of Steelport while they complete the main missions to progress the game storyline or take part in the wide variety of side missions to break up the core gameplay and progress. These side missions offer great variety and include mini games, rival gang strongholds, gang battles and much more that each have its own place within the broader world construct.

As you advance through the world you’ll collect respect, money, cars and powerful weapons to keep yourself and your gang safe. For the first time ever in a Saints Row title players will also be able to upgrade their favourite weapons in Saints Row: The Third which keeps them all relevant across the game content. Decisions that you make regarding rival gangs and missions will also shape the game world around you while impacting ally availability later in the game which makes every decision feel like an important one to consider and seeks to replicate that sense of being an actual gang leader.


Saints Row: The Third is more than just a single player experience as well with the potential to play co-operatively with another player in missions and side activities where you’ll both get credit for completing them as well to progress your own stories.


  • Play as a gang leader of the Third Street Saints as you claim control over the fictional Steelport.
  • Roam a massive game world as you please with plenty of core and side activities to create a living world.
  • Play with friends in the co-operative game mode.
  • Acquire currency and reputation for your actions to invest in new strength for yourself and gang.
  • Customise your weapons for the first time in a Saints Row to tailor your favourite option.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. Dude it isn’t fun to play with lowered noeotirty from gangs and police cuz I once had the army try to take me down (and succeed) might I add I also had so much noeotirty that the APC was called in with swat and military personnel also I shot enough gang members to get snipers from choppers trying to kill me .I encourage everyone to try it once and see how long you can last and time it, (I got away with ten minutes give or take a couple seconds) also anyone who wants to start a co op campaign

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