Secret Builders

  • Lots of mini-games – Varied environments
  • Avatar models are very similar

Secret Builders is a virtual world that targets children between the ages of 5 and 14. Parents will find that underneath the fun and addicting gameplay of Secret Builders that there is plenty of educational content for their child to experience. Secret Builders is available for free and played within your browser making it extremely accessible and easy to get started.


Players will spend their time doing plenty of things within the game world but the majority of time will be spent meeting other players, playing the available mini games and creating a unique avatar with the variety of items available. Other popular past times in Secret Builders includes quests, home decoration, pets and artwork contests.

A fair amount of the gameplay integrates with historical elements giving players a chance to learn about the history and culture of many places throughout history. This also includes a number of fictional characters to help children learn about the sciences, arts and literature through fun quizzes, interaction and games.

The mini-games in Secret Builders offer great variety so there is something for all tastes. Popular games include action, word based, puzzles and even the odd competitive multiplayer game for players to test their knowledge and skills against other Secret Builder users.


The Secret Builders membership adds even more content to the game and is available at a competitive price (with great discounts for 6 month or yearly memberships). This membership comes with monthly allowances of the game currencies, improved ability to earn currencies through games and access to all the member only item goodies (extra clothes, furniture, pets and quests).

Uniquely parents who purchase a membership for their children’s Secret Builders account will also receive regular emails about their son or daughters play time to help you track just how much time they spend in the virtual world of Secret Builders.


  • Lots of educational benefits.
  • Large game world available for exploration with a large community to interact with.
  • Quests, mini-games, clothing, furniture and pets!
  • Lots of parental options to ensure online safety.
  • Huge variety of environments to keep the game fresh and exciting.



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  1. your game is fun

  2. So cool. Thanks you are the best and I was finding a game that needs a email thanks.

  3. I rate 8.9/10

  4. love it


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