The Secret World

  • Unique setting – Plenty of fun quests – Freedom
  • Still needs some development in a few places

The Secret World is a unique MMO set in a modern day game world with a focus on myth and conspiracy theory. If you are fed up with all the fantasy based MMORPGs that are flooding the market you’ll enjoy the change of pace that The Secret World offers.


The game originally launched with a subscription based model but more recently has changed to a one time purchase with extras available for optional subscription members.

In The Secret World you’ll side with one of the available factions; the Templar, Illuminati or the Dragons and attempt to rid the game world of the other two factions while also battling to save the world from an evil threat. Players will visit mostly real world locations with a few mythical ones thrown in creating an interesting blend of realism and conspiracy.

The uniqueness of The Secret World doesn’t stop with its game setting though. Character freedom is at an all-time high in this MMO with players having greater freedom over how their character plays. Where you place your points from levelling up and which weapons you choose is entirely up to you with the added ability to swap between them when outside of combat which helps keep your gameplay experience fresh.


In terms of story advancement players will follow a faction focused main story line while also accepting the typical MMO side missions. These missions in The Secret World are mostly similar to your standard MMORPG style quests but also include a number of puzzle orientated quests that has players searching for information and clues (which ties in perfectly with the game setting).

The Secret World aims to deliver something different and succeeds on all levels although it is still a little rough in parts. The game setting is particularly a breath of fresh air though in the MMORPG genre and its greatest appeal.


  • Impressive and unique game setting.
  • Lots of character freedom without restrictions.
  • Thousands of skill and weapon options.
  • Real world locations add to the realism.
  • Investigative quests where you hunt for clues and information.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. The age limit for this sucks. Im 16 and it wont let me play. Really! I more mature than most adults. I probably has some explicit stuff in it tho.

  2. you know you can lie in your age?
    maybe you’re not this mature – . – use your brain before your mouth


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